Sanctuaries + Altars + Talismans

A Sacred Space & Power Center For Your Home

Offered by commission, shamanic sculptures and installations serve as personal activators to align your energy, concentrate focus and catalyze your potential, a place to connect, recharge, heal and manifest.


  • Sanctuaries of peace and healing

  • Altars of connection to essence and guidance

  • Talismans to amplify power, focus and creativity to manifest your vision

  • Sacred shrine to ecstatic love play


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Healing Vortex 1
Healing Vortex 1

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Healing Vortex 1
Healing Vortex 1

Mixed Media 8" X 8"

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Together in the Field of Love
Together in the Field of Love

Collage on paper, 14" X 14"

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Healing Vortex 1
Healing Vortex 1

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  • Connect - immediate, easy attunement to soul essence, divine purpose and inner guidance

  • Power Boost – concentrate power, focus energy, mobilize resources, catalyze manifestation

  • Heal & Clear - remove obstacles and blocks, shift energy and integrate trauma

  • Celebrate - honor the love and soul purposes of your intimate relationships- for couples and families to cultivate deeper connection and harmony

Client Experiences


Every time I see my piece, I get a feeling of power and deep truth, a feeling of my purpose. I feel recharged and reminded of why I’m here and the support that’s available to me. I’m more aware of who I am beyond a 3D level, and it’s really allowed me to appreciate and understand my impact on people.


The piece has given me the confidence to move out into the world, to step out more with my coaching, start more circles, launch my podcast, and really plan for that bigger life because I know it’s true for me in a way I wouldn’t have otherwise. It feels like the world is opening up and I’m ready to step into it.

Jenny Lewis

Empowerment Coach, author of the podcast, "Sex, Race & Money"

"Since the activation of my piece, I find myself having let go of attachment to how it should look in many areas. This is really an amazing shift. Without attachment, the outcomes of individual situations don’t matter anymore. I’m free to focus on having the visions get created and put all the energy there. It’s incredibly empowering. I’ve noticed a clarity of purpose in the that there’s a complete lack of fear or “Oh my God, I don’t how this is going to happen?” All of that is gone.


The vision gets to happen. I don’t know how, I don’t care how in terms of fear or concern. There’s no sense of being lost, adrift or coming up against obstacles. Obstacles come up and this still gets to happen. It may look a different, that’s all. This is a really deep fundamental shift where there’s almost a complete lack of fear or concern around obstacles. It’s not even that I’m having to tell myself to do that. It really has ceased to exist as a fear, across the board. I don’t even have the sense that it’s temporary or a peak experience that may not last. A shift has been made."

Marc Rosenthal 

Producer, Projection/Lighting /Show Control Design and Production

"When I first saw my altar, The Portal of Creative Actualization, it was an extraordinary surprise and delight! It’s more fun and more profound than I could have expected. I was amazed at how Mikhaila captured so much of my essence. She has a great capacity to tune into the individual’s soul purpose and translate that in her art.

I love that my altar is so multidimensional and interactive.  It’s a very spiritual piece that feels alive, like a living being that gives something different in every moment. It’s an adventure to be with it.

Mikhaila is very professional and so much fun. The process of working with me in the creation of the piece was equally as joyful as the end result - a beautiful, exciting, imaginative reflection back on my soul’s journey."

Jeannette Sanford-Hahn

Designer, Art and Antique expert

"I commissioned my altar, Sanctuary of Inner Silence, because I longed for a visual of my inner world. I was still in the early chop wood, carry water stages of meditation or "awakening".  I was blown away by my piece because it felt just like my inner sacred space. 


When I have a hard time connecting, I go to my altar. Immediately I find the beauty and peace of my inner being. It reminds me of how sacred that space is and should be. I absolutely recommend a Destiny Altar commission. It's a beautiful visual reminder, very helpful and incredibly special."

Tiffany Lundgren

 Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach

The Process

Love for my client’s unique essence and purpose is what inspires and motivates me to create these shamanic power pieces. It’s my joy to creatively turn that essence into form, to make it visible and physical, palpable and tangible, to bring it all the way across the threshold from inner to outer physical reality.


I create these pieces during extended altered states of intuitive, creative attunement. The process begins when we come together to determine the purpose and focus of your piece. Then, we hold the sitting sessions, where I guide you into a state of deep meditative attunement to connect with the inner essence and energetic frequencies of your chosen focus.

Next, I create a palette of colors, textures, images and materials that carry a similar energy and feeling tone to help hold the frequencies for me. Once the palette is assembled, I may require another sitting session to confirm the frequencies and register more data. Then I dive into the creation process. I never impose a form or externally imagined visual on your piece, but instead, allow it to emerge and unfold as it wishes. Everything is guided from the inside out. The crucial factor is how it feels, not how it looks. The power comes from the energy it's made from, not it's appearance. 


To another person, your altar or icon would appear to be a beautiful and unusual work of art. If they were especially sensitive and attuned, they might feel something more. But for you, it's a whole different experience - interactive and alive, empowering, affirming and precious.


Since they’re fully imbued with the energy frequencies of your essence and purpose, they act like a tuning fork and powerful broadcast beacon radiating the pure frequency signature. This is the secret to their capacity to energize and amplify manifestation and expression.

When your piece is complete, we come together to activate and initiate it.  I teach you how to work with it for maximum benefit. Each piece is alive, a multidimensional being. More power comes through your piece as you grow and develop.


I work in mixed media, incorporating 2D imagery, painting, sculpture and 3D elements.

Portal of The Heart: Activation Experiences


"The energy of the piece took me into deep, deep levels of consciousness and access points that I’ve never been to. My heart expanded in a full heart opening experience. I was able to receive in a way I hadn’t been able to receive before, to allow the energy of the heart to really fill me up. The back of the heart portal really helped the energy come into my heart in a really full way, to get through to self-acceptance and self-worth."

Then next few days were a really big learning for me. I feel extraordinarily strong, really clear, really on purpose. My throat chakra has always been an issue for me and that also really opened up, and opened the heart-throat chakra connection, so my expressions from my heart have come through.


I’m really committed to speaking my truth and not holding back, and knowing my worthiness at a whole other level. I asked to step into my power in a much more confident way for this New Year, yet now it’s with a whole other level of humility. I don’t have to be recognized or any of that because I’m on purpose and focused on what I need to do. It’s a deepening of what it means and feels like to stay in my heart and to express from my heart."

Susan Daya Hamwi, Attorney, Mediator, Activist 


"What I loved about the experience was that it was heart-driven and it got me out of my analytical head. I didn’t expect to have this really primitive and pure maternal feeling inside my heart, like I wanted to take my top off and hold a new born baby to my chest. I didn’t realize how powerful that feeling was of connectedness.


Being someone who hasn’t delivered a child but who inherently knows we’re all connected universally, it was an experience of de-armoring anything I have up about the shoulds, the woulds the coulds, and instead coming from a pure essence, a non-disputable feeling and essence of being heart-to-heart. That was magical, and it felt safe.


That was important for me because I’m all up in my head all the time. It was so unbelievably strong coming out of the attunement, I felt really calm about leading with my heart first this year, rather than my head and having that confidence. It was really powerful.


Immediately afterwards, in the work that I’m doing on this one project, I just eliminated all the noise in talking to the CEO and came straight from what I care about, which is the mission, not ego, not money, not anything else but the mission. Focusing out on the same essence, that essence of heart and soul and mission."

Kathleen Cohen, Experience Strategist Emerging Tech, Producer, Futurist 

"When I woke the next day, I felt a wonderful lightness and optimism. I also have consciously been connecting to the place between realms - practicing so I know what it feels like. It has been easy to access thus far. I have had more inspirations and able to see work opportunities more clearly.


Seeds I planted with potential clients started connecting with me the day after the attunement. I feel so many ready to connect with me!! I continue to have a lot of work opportunities, openness, ease, feeling connected! I’ve had more sales calls this week than in the past 6 weeks! Coming to me with ease! I also felt such a palpable sense that I’m here to serve hundreds of thousands of women. I can feel that this is the truth for my spirit in this incarnation."

Kristen D’Amato, Intimacy Coach

"If the purpose of the attunement with the Portal of the Heart was self-acknowledgement and self-acceptance, being able to engage in that process is an act of courage. My experience of the portal was it really did empower my personal courage to examine lifelong perspectives on who I am and why I am the way I am. I knew that there were things I needed to get a better perspective on, and I presumed that if and when I ever did that, it was not going to be something that I wanted to know about myself.


What I experienced instead was it was the portal to things that I very much want to know about myself. I was really quite astounded at some of the insights I was able to achieve, and the change of long and deeply-held perspectives that I was able to re-examine. I was ready to do that and the portal gave me a big boost. It opened a very positive discovery process. Now I feel more self-knowledge and more affirmation of who I am.

Noah Newmark, Inventor, President of ClearWater Holdings, Ltd.


I felt a complete connection and fluidity that opened up the from that place beyond, in the back of my heart, and it expanded through the rest of my Being. The overarching sense was one of ultimate love and safety, and trust in that beautiful knowing. It feels like I can tap into experience more easily, with much less doubt and fear. It’s more of an embodied alignment.

Jahna Perricone, Music & Mindfulness Director, Mindfulness Facilitator


Since the attunement, I feel very clear, focused, calm and confident, especially about my role in my company. I’ve experienced an opening of my sense of courage, faith and trust, unafraid to speak out to and listen. I feel 100% alignment with my actions, purpose and path forward. I’ve been feeling the channel open and my role and power to remove obstacles and move our mission forward, whether it’s a team member who is not ethically aligned or to remove the shadow of how money is used. I am unafraid to step into this role. I feel more fearless and feel 100% confident and awake.

 I am open and very unafraid to the future and my role in my company, we’ve had some real challenges with shadow in our team, and I’ve been unafraid to confront, speaking with calm, confidence and not seeking approval, and so much clarity has happened. and I’m fulfilling multiple roles in our enterprise. A lot of clarity, calm, and relaxed, to gather and assemble my team, and map out and communicate to partners about everything. No trepidation or concern,

Open from the heart clear, transparent transactions I’ve been unafraid to confront with calm, assertive energy any shadow.

Arnold Strong, Communications Director, Unify Earth Network


During the attunement, I had an experience of literally going through a portal with my heart wide open, and seeing my kids, family and DreamTank all thriving and happy. Now on the other side, it’s integrating into this dimension.


The attunement gave me such a capacity to see the different frequencies that were no longer serving and weren’t coming from the heart. Then right after, I was able to hold such a loving space with people and share from my heart.I was able to let go of the details of how things happen and go into trust and love, coming from my heart, and seeing how things unfold. That is huge for me because I’ve had a big masculine side focused on getting things done, on the details and logistics, and micro-managing everything.

Heidi Cuppari, Co-Founder & CEO, DreamTank