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It’s Not A Secret But Hardly Anyone Knows This

From the Flower Dreamworlds immersive art project

It’s not a secret but hardly anyone knows this about me - for over 30 years I’ve taken people through an accelerated advanced meditation training that connects them to the Source level of their Being and teaches them to apply that awareness to the situations and conditions in their daily life.

I’ve always kept a small select mentoring and training practice going, no more than 2 to 4 people maximum at any one time. People only find out I do this when a client makes a referral or when I feel guided to share the work. I don’t market or promote the meditation coaching and you won’t find anything online about it.

I have an unusual relationship with this gift. I’ve never wanted to quit it, but I also don’t want to grow the coaching practice. I love doing it. It’s a sacred blessing of grace to touch into Source together and a never-ending process of discovery and evolution. The constant growth and learning keeps me fascinated and engaged. And it’s really fun and exciting to witness the transformation, how people grow and awaken to more self-love and self-worth as they become the ultimate self-referencing authorities they are meant to be in their own lives.

Training others keeps my perceptual skills razor sharp. I get to experience deep states of inner attunement on a regular basis. All my art relies on these skills. It’s why I’m never blocked creatively. All I have to do is tune in and connect, and a torrent of pure creative inspiration pours out, more content than I could ever produce in 10 lifetimes.

My shamanic art is my way of sharing the profound beauty and magic of inner reality. It’s my way of communicating, and directly transmitting in materialized form, the inner essence of life, the exquisite inner soul essence of a person, or the true nature of whatever theme I’m guided to explore. For example, when a client commissioned one of my shamanic sculptures for her trauma and pain healing practice, I got to directly experience the true essence and nature of healing. What a blessing that was!

If you’ve ever experienced being blocked creatively, I’m happy to share this approach to creative process so you will never be blocked again. Message me to learn more.


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