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Mind-Blowing Magic Physically Manifested

Work-in-progress from Flower Dreamworld series

I’ve just taken a huge step in the transformation of my life and career, and it’s upped the ante in a major way. This morning, in the midst of grappling with it all, I remembered something mind-blowing. I remembered a time when I made magic and it physically manifested, a time when I reversed the physical effects of the past, a time when I proved to myself that you can change anything on the outside when you change the inside.

I was with a small group of brilliant, creative friends at a luxury ski chalet. It was near the end of an epic evening. We were lounging all together, like a pile of puppies, in a giant carved wooden bed. Natalie was dancing along the rail at the foot of the bed like some woodland sprite. I was sitting by the rail when I noticed Jack’s feet. They were unusually small for a man his height (about 5’11”), especially the toes. I took hold of his feet and began to work on them (this was in the days when I was at the height of my medical career). They felt very compressed and rigid.

“Jack,” I said, “What happened to your feet?” No one was paying attention to us, they were all talking and laughing, drinking wine, and clapping as Nancy pranced back and forth along the rail to the music. “My parents were evangelical missionaries in Papua New Guinea,” he told me, “And us children were sent to a church boarding school on a little island in Indonesia. There was never any money for new shoes or clothes and we were made to wear closed-toe shoes. When I outgrew my shoes, I still had to wear them, even when they were way too small for me. Over the years, it stunted the growth of my feet.”

I was horrified and outraged. My heart filled with the most tender love for the child he was and the man he’d become. The party went on and I continued to work on his feet. Then the magic began to happen. I felt myself acting without any thought or personal will. Some sort of shamanic energetic action emerged through me, some action of pure Beingness, and it altered the past, present and future reality of his feet. I could feel all the ways his natural growth process, his life impulse itself, had been blocked and obstructed, and how his bones and muscles had adapted. His feet began to open and become pliable. I pulled on his toes and the bones moved.

When the energy subsided, his feet had changed. “Jack,” I said, “Be prepared to buy all new shoes because your feet are going to grow into their proper size.” He was crying. His feet had been a source of pain and trauma since childhood. This was the first time he’d ever experienced pleasure and energy moving through them. “Wriggle your toes,” I told him, “Get up and walk around and feel the difference.”

I didn’t see Jack again until about four or five months later. He ran up to me and gave me huge bear hug. “Mikhaila, you were right,” he said. He stuck out a foot. “Look, I had to buy all new shoes two sizes bigger!”

In that experience, I accessed a level of consciousness beyond any limiting misperceptions and false beliefs. I entered fully into the power of the present moment, the only time that truly exists, and activated the natural pattern for his adult feet. It didn’t matter that he’d lived with this for over 40 years. The numinous atmosphere of the evening made it possible for us to connect on the inner plane and enter into some soul agreement. The pure action of Beingness did the rest.

I thought deeply about the experience all morning. If I could do that, what could really stop me now? It doesn’t matter how long I’ve lived with my limiting misperceptions and false beliefs. I proved to myself that time and history are not relevant. Even the most longstanding issues can change in an instant. The pure action of my Beingness can change any condition, and restore proper growth and value fulfillment… when I connect and get out of the way.


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