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The Shimmer of The Quantum Field

From the Flower Dreamworlds series

Earlier this year, I became fascinated with the shimmer of the quantum field. This shimmer phenomenon inspired the Flower Dreamworld project.

I discovered the shimmer while working with a client, to help her access more creative power and expression. I had guided her into a deep meditation to explore the specific qualities of the creative action of her Being. We were attuned to the source of her Being and connected with an ever-flowing current of pure Aliveness. This flow of pure Aliveness manifested as an iridescent, sparkling, effervescent shimmer, an exuberant and joyful creative life impulse.

I got very curious about this quality of shimmer. As I explored it with my inner senses, I saw how the particles in the quantum field alternate facets back and forth between inner and outer reality, flickering between physical and non-physical, millions of times per second. This fluctuating pulsating dance of quantum particles creates the shimmer phenomenon.

A desire was born in me to capture and reveal the shimmer of the quantum field. I had no idea how to achieve this creative inspiration. I only felt the desire. In the same time period, I had the impulse to photograph flowers in close-up.

Out I went, with only a borrowed point-and-shoot Leica circa 2009 that had a macro feature, crawling around flower beds in local neighborhoods on the West side of Los Angeles. Although you couldn’t see it with the naked eye, every flower photo captured the shimmer. It blew my mind!

From the Flower Dreamworlds series

This experience showed me how everything in our manifested existence fluctuates between inner and outer reality, including our own consciousness. It was a convincing demonstration of the power of creative inspiration to find its own path to expression and actualization. It reinforced the validity of my intuition and creative impulses, building even more confidence to follow and trust those internal nudges and impulses.

If I had tried to use my mind alone to figure out how to capture the shimmer of the field, I would never have arrived at this method. A mysterious magic took hold and fulfilled my desire and inspiration. This capacity is inside you, inside each and every one of us.

Trust your creative impulses and allow your own magic!

PS: You can order your own shimmering Flower Dreamworld prints. Just email for selection and sizes. mikhaila at mikhailastettler dot com

from the Flower Dreamworld series


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