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Virtual Salon Activation

Immersive Art + Salon Discussion + Healing Meditation

Wednesday November 3rd, 9-10pm PST

Experience an immersive journey into “The Realm of Infinite Healing” along with a salon discussion and guided healing activation and meditation.

Hosted by Leyline: The NFT Platform for Social Good

Click this link to join Leyline Discord

Be sure to join in advance to access the event

Leyline Discord server: Scroll down to the Voice Channels and click AMA

Any questions? Reach out here 


An exclusive world premiere event for the Leyline community. Be the first to experience a healing transmission with the newest Ephemeral Sculpture. These immersive art works are contemplative video journeys into exquisite inner realms that open the heart, expand the mind and feed the soul.


About the artist:

Mikhaila Stettler is an immersive artist/world-builder, writer and producer. Eclectic and multi-talented, Mikhaila’s creative process draws on multiple strands, incorporating over 30 years’ experience as a doctor, intuitive, creative mentor and meditation coach. Her work explores the intersection of consciousness and creativity, channeled into a luxe and sensual aesthetic.

Get your exclusive access.

Sharing new immersive art works...

  • Video journeys into enchanted realms

  • Contemplative art experiences 

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