Soul Sculptures

A Sacred Power Center For Your Home & Office


Fine art sculptures that concentrate and distill a specific spiritual energy or theme into a museum quality work of art.


Offered by commission, these pieces anchor and ground a potent spiritual energy for you, a physical touchstone of exquisite beauty and personal meaning that radiates a palpable presence into your environment.

"When I first saw my sculpture, it was an extraordinary surprise and delight! It’s a very spiritual piece that feels alive, like a living being that gives something different in every moment. It’s an adventure to be with it. It’s more fun and more profound than I could have expected" 

Jeannette Sanford-Hahn  (Portal of Creative Actualization)

Designer, Art & Antique Expert

"Since activating my piece, I’ve noticed a clarity of purpose with a complete lack of fear or concern around obstacles. All of that is gone. This is really an amazing, fundamental shift. I’m free to focus on having the visions get created and put all the energy there. It’s incredibly empowering.”

Marc Rosenthal  (Portal of the Heart)

Producer, Projection/Lighting /Show Control Design and Production

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Art + Soul 


Everything that exists is made of energy. The Soul Sculptures are precisely tuned to the unique energy signal of your chosen theme. During the sitting sessions, I am able to register the signal in its purest form. Then I translate it into a luxe sculptural object that holds and radiates the energy tone with a tangible, undeniable presence.


If this sparks your curiosity, touches your heart, stirs your intuition, let’s connect and discuss a commission!

"I love looking at my Healing Vortex, it’s so fanciful. Ever since I placed it in my treatment room, my work with new clients has gone deep very quickly."

Niseema Dyan Diemer  (Healing Vortex 1)

Body-centered Trauma Therapist

“I love my piece and the powerful energy that I feel emanating from it. Every time I see it, I get a feeling of power and deep truth, a feeling of my purpose. I feel supported in my work through the messages, strength and energy that it provides me"

Jenny Lewis   (The Shadow-Eater)

Empowerment Coach, podcast host, "Sex, Race & Money"

Revealing The Layers


The sculptures can be experienced as...


  1. Works of fine art - striking mixed media sculptures, exquisitely shaped from unusual combinations of sensual luxurious materials into potent archetypal forms with a palpable presence. 

  2. Personal awareness tools, spiritual activators to help focus and connect.

  3. Energy generators that amplify and ground the energy signal of your specific theme.

  4. Inter-dimensional portals and vortexes that channel energy, insight, awareness and creativity into physical reality. 

Selected Works

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