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Immersive Videos

3 minutes to shift your mood 


Immersive video journeys through miniature enchanted worlds.


May they bring you a moment of pleasure, peace and beauty.


An invitation to get out of your head and into your imagination, to connect to your own greater knowing. 

(best enjoyed with full screen and full attention)

Click on any image below to watch the video and see additional detail 

Main Gallery

The Ephemeral Sculptures are video/VR journeys through miniature worlds of enchantment built inside a tabletop sand tray, using potent archetypal symbols, rich multilayered textures and vibrant color palettes to create a unique effect that is both luxe and refined yet primal and raw.


The experience includes a spoken word narrative with original score and sound design.


They offer the viewer a delightful way to connect, to quickly shift your mood at any time, to get out of your head and into your imagination - an experience of pleasure, peace, and beauty to be enjoyed over and over again.


I call them ephemeral because once the piece is filmed, the sculpture is taken apart, the pieces returned to their baskets and bins, the sand swept clean. They no longer exist in solid physical form.

Mermaid’s Garden

Mermaid's Garden

Mermaid's Garden


Welcome to my realm of enchantment

Bask in the luscious splendor of my treasure garden

Fill your heart with her fertile bounty

Breathe in the rose and lavender-scented salty air

Bathe in my silken turquoise waters

Luxuriate in my rapture

For I am a siren of grace and delight


Behind gossamer blooms of pink angel floss gleams a treasure trove

Rose buds tumble from a luminous star-birthing spiral

Crystalline eggs, cracked open, spill forth pink and purple hues of love and wisdom


Beloved creatures of the sea shower me with gifts

A magical ruby-filled stone borne from a cave deep below the reef

A treasure chest spilling sapphires and pearls


Seahorse guardians romp through fields of moss where precious pearls nest, my lustrous creamy eggs of the sea


Welcome to my mermaid garden


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Obsidian Dreamworld

Obsidian Dreamworld

Obsidian Dreamworld


Enter the mystery lands of the dreamtime, the shining darkness, the obsidian world.

Follow the crows from the ceremonial black hole to the bridge between realms.

Flying to meet you, butterflies from the fertile red lands carry messages of hope and transformation, of life begun anew.


Silent obsidian pools, energy collectors, portals to forever, shimmer in the dark

What world is this where midnight flowers bloom?

A crystal egg incubates in the black stone hills, new life and light birthing from the darkness.


Cross the bridge to a lushly blooming red world, fertile blood full of erotic passion.

Circle the sacred mound of fecundity high in the red forest.

This is the land of the fruitful womb.


They meet in the middle, fire and water, mystery and manifest, male and female, together.

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Song of the Desert

Song of the Desert

Song of the Desert

Song of the desert, hot, wild, free

Ancient rhythms ride the wind

Drum beat, heartbeat,

Carry life forward without end


Heed the call- drink from the well, pure and true

Fill your heart with her infinite love, be reborn


Shed the skin of who you think you are,

Slough it off, let your mystery shine

Sovereign soul, boundless and whole

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Realm of Infinite Healing

Realm Of Infinite Healing

The Realm Of Infinite Healing


Enter the realm of infinite healing

where all sorrows are washed away


Bathe in the healing energy pools,

Soak in swirling colors of most subtle emotion,

So far up the spectrum only your inner eye can see


Surrender your heartbreaks, your traumas,

Lay down despair and regret

Feel them dissolve, let your soul heal


This is the realm where all is made whole

Seen and understood with infinite compassion

Receive the blessing from the healing angel of mercy.

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Star Children in the Realm of Unlimited Possibility

Star Children

Star Children in the Realm of Unlimited Possibility


We are star children, adventurers of the Universe

Exploring realities without end

We bring joy, peace and star magic wherever we go.


Space folds and bends before us, shaped by our desire

As you walk through doors, we pass through portals

Time has no meaning for us, we live in the eternal Now


Circle the pool of fire

Fly through the star gate

To the realm of unlimited possibility

Set your imagination free


We come to remind you

Of your home in the stars

You are made of star dust

You are star children like us

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