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Mikhaila Stettler is a technoshaman*, creative alchemist, and mentor focused on creating luminous worlds of magic and mysticism in her fine art, writing, interactive installations and immersive art and entertainment experiences.

Eclectic and multi-talented, Mikhaila’s creative process draws on multiple strands, incorporating over 30 years’ experience as a doctor (founded 6 holistic medical clinics, graduated 1st in class, Summa Cum Laude), energy master and proven medical intuitive, creative mentor and meditation coach. 

Mikhaila Headshot 2024_edited.jpg

She integrates her art practice and spiritual practice together, bringing the mastery of a lifetime of rigorous contemplative practice to her work. Her work explores the intersection of spirituality and creativity, channeled into a luxe and sensual aesthetic. Her art is filled with a high vibration aliveness that engages curiosity and inspires transcendent connection.

(*Technoshaman: one who crafts multisensory digital worlds and experiences to elevate and harmonize human consciousness on a mass scale.)

"Mikhaila has been recognized as Top Meditation Coach 

by Coach foundation, one of the biggest names in the coaching industry."

Fine art sculptures offered by commission, although you may also purchase limited edition museum grade mounted prints. For inquiries, shoot an email to

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Mikhaila is a featured speaker and artist at metaverse and Web3 conferences on topics of immersive art and experience design to foster mental wellbeing and spiritual connection.

Hacking Spirituality In The Metaverse premiered at the 2022 GatherVerse Summit where she shared her vision for utilizing metaverse platforms, XR and game engines to achieve spiritual awakening at scale.


Star Children In The Realm Of Unlimited Possibility an immersive video/VR work created for an artist-in-residency at Enter The Metaverse 2021 conference (sponsored by SuperWorld)

Featured in the 2022 DOMANCE exhibition (world's first 360º immersive NFT Dome exhibition) and at SXSW.

An NFT collection of the piece was sold in support of her non-profit partners Leyline and Disaster Fighters. The residency included a presentation during the event and a follow-up livestream event offered free to the public.


Obsidian Dreamworld a prototype of her immersive video journeys, short-listed finalist in the 2022 Esoteric Film Festival and semifinalist in the Alternative Film Festival

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Sharing new immersive art works...

  • Video journeys into enchanted realms

  • Contemplative art experiences 

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