I was born with the ability to see, sense and activate people’s soul blueprint. I work at the level of soul blueprint in everything I do. It’s the guiding creative inspiration and source material for my art practice. It’s the foundation of my creative mentoring and soul attunement trainings. I integrate my art practice and my spiritual practice together, bringing the mastery of a lifetime of rigorous contemplative practice to my art.


My art is my way of sharing the profound beauty and magic of inner reality. I draw my inspirations from deep states of mystic attunement. It’s my way of communicating the inner essence of life, a direct transmission of the exquisite inner soul essence of person, or the true nature of whatever theme I’m guided to explore. My aim is to get the outside to match the inside. It’s not about what a piece looks like, but it feels like.

Whether an interactive immersive installation or a personal sculpture commission, I’m focused on creating a luminous magical realm to inspire, activate and awaken. I’m fascinated with the potentials of using extended reality technology (like virtual reality, augmented reality and holograms) and 360º dome theaters in my art practice as a vehicle to expand consciousness, inviting the viewer/participant onto a journey of  discovery and awareness.

Most of my work is by commission, although you may also purchase limited edition museum grade mounted prints. For inquiries, shoot an email to Mikhaila@mikhailastettler.com

Official Bio

Mikhaila Stettler is a multidisciplinary artist, writer and producer dedicated to making art, media and performance pieces to activate human potential, awaken awareness and evolve the collective.


Eclectic and multi-talented, Mikhaila’s creative process draws on multiple strands, incorporating her experience as a healer, intuitive, creative mentor and meditation coach.  The integration of these gifts with her creative abilities enable her to translate inner realms into materialized form.


Her creative journey began in the performing arts as a dance/choreography major at New York University. After an injury veered her off that path, she found her way into medicine and was recognized as a medical prodigy, graduating with highest honors (Summa Cum Laude and first in her class).


Mikhaila’s unique intuitive and healing gifts were honed during 20+ years in the trenches of medical practice (founding 6 holistic medical clinics and wellness centers). She’s been proven dozens of times as an accurate medical intuitive. Mikhaila attributes much of her 90% success rate with her ability to see and activate her patients’ blueprint for optimal health and wellness.


Medicine was rewarding but that inner voice grew louder and louder, “Hey, remember you’re an artist? When are you going to take your creative gifts seriously?” A mid-life epiphany led to a radical leap back into the creative life, selling her thriving medical practice and taking a creative sabbatical.


Since then, Mikhaila has created art in a variety of mediums including inventing a shamanic art form of interactive, mixed media sculptures, writing for theater and film, choreographing dance theater, and writing and publishing a novel.

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