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Soul Sculptures

The Soul Sculptures reflect and celebrate your energy essence, a personal touchstone to remember and connect. 


They bring a radiant presence, full of aliveness and magic, to uplift your environment. Each exquisite museum-quality piece is absolutely one-of-a kind. 

If this sparks your curiosity and speaks to your heart let’s connect and discuss a piece for yourself or a loved one! Available in 3 sizes.

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Portal of Creative Actualization

Portal of Creative Actualization

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Mixed Media

3'H X 22"/40"W X 7"D


The Portal of Creative Actualization was commissioned to power my client's creative destiny, to celebrate and affirm her extraordinary creative gifts, to unleash their full expression after a lifetime of detours and saboteurs.

"When I first saw my Soul Sculpture, it was an extraordinary surprise and delight!  I was amazed at how Mikhaila captured so much of my essence.


I love that my altar is so multidimensional and interactive.  It’s more fun and more profound than I could have expected. It’s a very spiritual piece that feels alive, like a living being that gives something different in every moment. It’s an adventure to be with it.


Mikhaila has a great capacity to tune into the individual’s soul purpose and translate that in her art. The process of working with me in the creation of the piece was equally as joyful as the end result - a beautiful, exciting, imaginative reflection back on my soul’s journey."


Jeannette Sanford-Hahn

Designer, International Art and Antique expert

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Portal of the Heart
Portal of the Heart