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Immersive Art Experiences
by Mikhaila Stettler

Obsidian Dreamworld-Full Still-Full Side 2
Obsidian Dreamworld-Full Still-Mound of Fecundity
Obsidian Dreamworld-Full Still-Crows Overhead
Obsidian Dreamworld-Full Still-Crows to Red
Obsidian Dreamworld-Full Still-Red World
Obsidian Dreamworld-Full Still-Bridge

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  • Video journeys into enchanted realms

  • Contemplative art experiences 

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Hello and welcome!

Mermaids Garden-Full Still-Mermaid from flowers
Mermaids Garden-Full Still-Dolphin
Mermaids Garden-Full Still-Flowers  side
Mermaids Garden-Full Still-Flowers to treasure corner
Mermaids Garden-Full Still-Nautilus
Mermaids Garden-Full Still-Full Overhead

Hello! I’m Mikhaila Stettler

A multidisciplinary artist, writer and producer focused on creating luminous enchanted worlds of magic and mysticism in my fine art, writing, interactive installations and immersive theater pieces.

My visual aesthetic focuses on sensual organic imagery, drawing from nature at both the microcosmic and macrocosmic levels. I work in mixed media, blending together found objects, luxe materials and raw elements from nature.

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