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Soul Attunement

Mentoring + Guiding + Training

The work I’ve done with Mikhaila has been a game changer for me. What she does is very different from what other guides and coaches do, and very effective. The proof is in the pudding. You need to experience it for yourself.   She helped me see the challenges in my business and in my life, to really understand them with a lot of clarity and create a plan to help me get through them. Mikhaila has been a great teacher, a great coach. Her ability to work with me while I'm in meditation helped me get to a much deeper place, a place I've never been on my own.   Nobody on my journey has ever recognized a block or something that is not as effective as I want it to be and turned it into meditations very focused on those specific areas. The personal guided meditations she made me have been a game changer and benefited me a great deal. They have really helped me become a better person, a better leader, a better husband, a better coach. I am beyond thankful and grateful for the work that we've done together. Ronnie Selinger CEO Nordis Technologies

Mikhaila activated my own super-powers, my own self-healing abilities. I've never experienced anything even at all close to what Mikhaila does in all the energy work and healing I’ve done. She gets you into that place where you can actually release and allow things to come in through your energetic system. She has this very special gift of talking to your heart, getting you very comfortable to drop into a super deep state very quickly, into a state of peace and openness, a state of expansiveness. It’s a full spectrum activation of all your bodies and Being. Mikhaila guides you where you need to go. She can really see and feel your energy, and then direct and move it in the ways it needs to go. The shift in clarity I had after the sessions was a really profound experience. The way I was seeing things expanded and clarified. It allowed me a great lightness of being. Working with Mikhaila is very empowering. She activated my own super-powers, my own self-healing abilities. I really learned about myself and I can self-attune now. It’s a very powerful place to be. Susan Daya Hamwi Family Law Attorney, Mediator and Resolutionary

Mikhaila’s presence, nurturing, optimism, and guidance were amazing. I've never seen anybody do what she does. The way she reflected and articulated what my operating system was, and how she gave me framing and feedback on my subtle energy states. It’s super useful because it's very tangible. No one’s ever spoken to me about multidimensional awareness in the way she does, about the current of intent and how becoming present to that in myself affects the possibility of manifestation. That was really beautiful and unusual. The work I did with Mikhaila helped to orient my mind and gives me confidence that the invisible path of my evolution has meaning and purpose. I think the most valuable thing is having the roadmap to my operating system, as a reminder and point of reference on how to proceed in life. Travis Shakespeare Multi-Emmy award winning Executive Producer

Attunement Process Introduction

Attunement Process Introduction

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Mikhaila Stettler is a spiritual/creative guide and mentor, an activator, healer and energy master. Born with a unique set of psychic abilities, her gifts were verified and proven hundreds of times during her 25+ years of medical practice. The unique blend of her psychic and healing gifts with her rigorous intellectual standards resulted in an astounding 90% clinical success rate.


Since leaving medicine to go back into the arts, her gifts have grown and deepened in power and accuracy. The attunement mentoring and training programs are the only way to work with Mikhaila 1-on-1.


Mikhaila is a very pure channel of Divine Love. She’s able to go right to the core of issues. Mikhaila has a very deep spiritual understanding at the source level. Her work gets all your aspects in alignment with your soul energy in this lifetime. She guides you into a very subtle, nuanced attunement to your higher self. The way she enters energetic realms is extremely deep, nuanced and specific to you. She can see where your energetic alignment is off. She’s able to go right to the core of issues, to the subtlety and complexity of issues, in a way that is very specific to the individual. Mikhaila is a very pure channel of Divine Love, and that’s what brings the healing light to the soul level. Brett Leonard Hollywood Director/Writer/Producer, VX Expert

Mikhaila gives you the courage to be free and fully claim yourself, to be who you are in the world. And we all need help to do that. Mikhaila’s mentoring work is profound. It’s deep spiritual transformational work with a real teacher. With her, you gain access to places in yourself, and beyond, that you wouldn’t be able to access on your own. She gets things moving, especially blocks and blind spots. She undoes the stuff that doesn’t work and replaces it with the super cool program that is innate inside you. Her work pulls you into your center and gives you focus and clarity. Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch Qigong Master, Doctor of Oriental Medicine

There's just so much love coming from Mikhaila, and so much wisdom and experience that what clicks immediately with her is deep trust. The depth at which she was able see me and hold me spiritually, to understand my potential and read what's going on, goes to right to the core. Mikhaila taps into your greater presence so you can perceive and integrate your whole being with self-acceptance and self-love . The work with her is everlasting, it continues to unpack and unfold with a sense of groundedness and deep understanding of who I am and what my purpose is. Through that I can be more at peace and function in the world with more competence. I’m more compassionate with my thoughts, and more in action and joyful creation. Eliza Burbano Brand Strategist, PR/Marketing

Is This Right For You?

The people who find their way here may be…


  • Entering a new phase of life and need to activate and upgrade their capacity and energy systems.


  • Struggling with a long-standing issue or block that persists despite years of work and different therapeutic modalities.


  • In transition – they need to get out of an unhealthy relationship or negative situation but haven’t been able to. Or maybe they just got out and need to recover and find new footing and a way forward.


  • In need of guidance, clarity and direction. They may sense something calling to them, something ready to emerge, but it’s unclear.


  • Ready to move forward into more full expression of their soul’s purpose

My clientele tend to be big capacity people - other creatives, innovators, leaders, entrepreneurs or executives, or highly gifted in some way. I'm the mentor other coaches, teachers and mentors work with when they need someone who can a hold a very expanded space for their process, someone who can take them deeper than they can easily get to on their own.

The mentoring programs I offer are a high-end, high-touch experience that also train you to be your own mystic something that continues to grow for the rest of your life.

Book a free call to find out if this right for you, click here


Or to get started with an initial Clarity + Attunement Session, click here

A first step together to gain clarity about your situation and your best path forward. Includes a consultation with energy reading and a guided attunement to align with the intent of your Being. 

I’ve become more fearless. The old beliefs are gone. Mikhaila’s work has changed, focused and expanded me forever! Mikhaila’s work steers me to a level of thinking that circumvents traditional human consciousness, a path to inner silence and connection with Divine Love, where all is safe and limitless and a freedom to express that unlocked my potential. She connected me to direct relationship with a power that helps guide my thinking in a positive and successful way. I now have ways to access limitless thinking and peace of mind. I have tools to tap in directly to Divine Love and Inner Silence, infinite intelligence. I’ve become more fearless. My beliefs changed so much I couldn’t even remember my original blocks. The old beliefs are gone. I greatly value her amazing spiritual communion, beyond mere words to fully express. Nancy Severinson Music Supervisor, Music Director

The work I did with Mikhaila was life changing. I found my voice, my inner being and my passion. It was the single best investment I have made in myself. After countless years of therapy and counseling I was still struggling, desperate and without hope. After one session, I knew my life was forever changed, for the better. Mikhaila helped me connect the dots. She was ever so gentle as she guided and taught me, holding me safe and supported. When we’re in session space, it’s like working with a twinkling fairy who spreads magic and beauty all around me. The final result was I found my voice, my inner being and my passion. I will forever be grateful for our many hours of work and now friendship. Tiffany Lundgren Real Estate & Investment Executive and founder of Happy, Healthy for Life

Attunement Programs 

  • Direct experience of your soul essence, root into your power and purpose

  • Grounded trust and understanding of your personal operating system

  • Deep acknowledgement of your intrinsic worth

  • Heal, integrate and clear blocks, issues or blind spots at their root

  • Profound self-love and appreciation for your whole self, from your inner Being to your humanity

  • Connect with Inner Knowing, receive and confirm guidance


Discover if this right for you, with a free call, click here


Or you may start with an initial Clarity + Attunement Session, here

A first step together to gain clarity about your situation and your best path forward. Includes a guided attunement to your inner Being. 

Mikhaila saw where my energy was stuck and I was in struggle and guided me through to a high level of clarity and confidence about my path forward. Mikhaila is an amazing, visionary mentor with great warmth and insight. She gives you realistic solutions that you can put into application and have your dream up and running. She got me through doubts and fears to the “Yes, of course I can manifest my dream!” Her creativity, inner vision and ability to hold space at a very high frequency empowered me. She gave me the courage and confidence to be in my truth, open my wings, honor my divine feminine nature and actualize my vision using my own creativity. Dr. Fleur Nelson Mentor and healer, faculty at Pacifica Graduate Institute

When I work with Mikhaila, it's like being wrapped up in a magic blanket where I can trust my inner knowing. As a fellow coach/mentor/teacher, it is challenging to find someone who can hold the powerful, expansive space I need for my own healing and growth. Mikhaila holds that space for me beautifully. Together we create a powerful, safe container where I can go very deep within myself and allow myself to expand at the same time. Cathy Hamilton Empowerment Expert, founder of Diva Nation

Find out if this is a match


Everything in the attunement process I share is guided by the ultimate expert in your life, your own inner Being. Due to the sensitive energetic nature of this process, it’s impossible to force or fake anything.


There’s a definite intuitive signal and sense of soul resonance that guides someone to enter a mentoring program with me. Trust your intuition. The first step is to schedule time for a conversation. Zero sales pressure.

Book a free call to find out if this right for you, click here

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