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Mermaid's Garden
A prototype of an Ephemeral Sculpture

The Mermaid’s Garden


Welcome to my realm of enchantment

Bask in the luscious splendor of my treasure garden

Fill your heart with her fertile bounty

Breathe in the rose and lavender-scented salty air

Bathe in my silken turquoise waters

Luxuriate in my rapture

For I am a siren of grace and delight


Behind gossamer blooms of pink angel floss gleams a treasure trove

Rose buds tumble from a luminous star-birthing spiral

Crystalline eggs, cracked open, spill forth pink and purple hues of love and wisdom


Beloved creatures of the sea shower me with gifts

A magical ruby-filled stone borne from a cave deep below the reef

A treasure chest spilling sapphires and pearls

Seahorse guardians romp through fields of moss where precious pearls nest, my lustrous creamy eggs of the sea


Welcome to my mermaid garden.

Introducing the Ephemeral Sculptures


A contemplative art experience to bring a moment of joy and delight to your day, a sweet treat for your soul. Change your mood and lift your spirits with an immersive video journey into enchanted realms of beauty and mystery.

  • Offer the viewer a quick and delightful way to change their state at any time - an experience of peace, pleasure and beauty to be enjoyed over and over again.

  • Miniature worlds of enchantment built in a tabletop sand tray accompanied by a spoken word narrative, with original score and sound design

  • Sculptural collage composed from a unique variety of natural and man-made materials, evoking a richly textured feeling tone of vivid color, sensual luxury and archetypal imagery.  

  • Of a moment, spontaneously created, never to be repeated. Once created and filmed, the sculpture is taken apart, the pieces returned to their baskets and bins, the sand swept clean. They no longer exist in solid physical form.

Contact Mikhaila Stettler for strategic partnerships, artist-brand collaborations, commissions and sales.


For the Individual Collector

Enjoy the Ephemeral Sculptures in your home and personal space. Imagine a single piece, or collection in rotation, projected across an entire wall or shown through a large screen. Create a backdrop for your life, imbuing your space with a feeling of luxe beauty and sensual mystery. You may also request a custom commission.


For a Brand Partner or Public Space

Offer your people something distinctive and unique - 24/7 access to a realm of beauty and enchantment. Commission a series in support of a launch, a campaign or new initiative. Include the Ephemeral Sculptures in your membership subscription. Feature them in an immersive live event and brand experience. Set the tone for your reception area and public spaces. Choose from customized capsule collections and commissioned series.

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