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6 Reasons Why Women Need To Use Their Feminine Operating System

I’m in recovery from forcing myself to function in an operating system not my own. I made it work for many years, because I thought I had to, that it was the only way to achieve and be successful in our culture. But over time, it grew harder to keep forcing myself. This year, I published my first novel, Pink Diamonds, and before I knew it, I found myself stressed out and exhausted from using that foreign operating system to market and promote the book. I was following the advice of “experts” and the conventional wisdom, but it was completely unsustainable for me and it wasn’t even very effective. That’s one of the problems with adapting to an operating system foreign to our innate design; it just doesn’t work very well.

6 problems with forcing ourselves to fit into a foreign operating system:

  1. It doesn’t work well or efficiently, or only works with exhausting effort

  2. It’s not sustainable

  3. It brings no joy or pleasure

  4. It disconnects us from our true nature

  5. It denies the power and validity of our original operating system

  6. It feels like shit

The Feminine Operating System is a term I coined back in 2010 to describe the way women are designed to make the world work. It’s the expression of our feminine essence in action, how we are designed to operate and function for maximum effectiveness, joy and flow.

Like most of my best work, I came to identify and understand the Feminine Operating System out of direct energetic perception while working with clients, patients and students. I was guiding a client during an attunement session when I first heard the term coming out of my mouth. Susannah was one of my Microsoft warrioresses, a group of clients who were female managers at Microsoft. The corporate climate at that time was notoriously male-dominated and you had to adopt a male operating system if you were female and wanted to advance and succeed. We were in a deep state of meditative attention, following a process initiated by her inner Being to empower her to go for what she really wanted. Her inner Being was pointing out the features of her innate design when the words “feminine operating system” came into my awareness.

That session was the beginning of my journey to discover and recover the ways of the Feminine Operating System. With every session and every female client, I was shown more and more. One of the things I learned is that women need a direct sensory energy body experience to connect with their Feminine Operating System. Without that, it’s all abstract theory and mental concepts. You can’t use theories to grow a baby inside your womb.

If you don’t feel it, you can’t know it.

We have to feel it in order to understand it and to use it intentionally. This is why I always focus on experiential processes and practices whenever I share my discoveries about the Feminine Operating System. I use a variety of body-based energetic practices and creative processes to activate women’s inner feeling sense to connect with their natural way of being. The sensory connection gives us the in-your-heart-and-guts-and-bones knowing of the absolute, unconditional value, worth, relevance and importance of our feminine nature and operating system.

Now, more than ever, we need women to function in the full power and genius of their Feminine Operating System. Even with the gains in equality in workplace, which is still far from parity in the USA, the unique qualities and characteristics of feminine energy and operating system are rarely valued, validated, respected or even considered relevant to our economic, political and social institutions, and certainly not to big business. The personal benefit women gain when they validate and reorient to their natural way of functioning is a grounded sense of confidence, freedom and personal authority and a deep sense of trust in themselves.

Check out my new experiential creative workshop event: Desire & Creation Inside the Feminine Operating System


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