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The Earth Dream Part 1: When Time Began

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

In the days before time began, a group of adventurous souls dipped their toes into a dream world they would later call Earth. The dream world grew thick and full as their adventures built up a charge of energy to such a pitch of intensity that it took on mass. Attracted by their adventures, other species of consciousness joined in. The dream world became physical. Everywhere consciousness took form and the Earth dream filled up with a profusion of life.

The souls delighted in the abundance of forms. They danced in and out of the myriad forms, merging their consciousness with the consciousness of Earth, joining the molecular dance of atoms as they spiraled into ever-new becomings. The souls knew themselves as themselves, and also knew themselves as one with the multitudes of beings, one with every leaf and ant, one with all the mountains and oceans, one with each cloud and grain of sand.

The Earth dream captivated their imagination. They wanted to try it all on, taste all the possibilities. They were enchanted with this experience of form and dove further and further into the dream. They soared with the birds and swam with the whales, sang with the bullfrogs and roared with the lions.

The souls wanted more. They wanted to become part of the days and the nights, part of the seasons of life, to experience the birthing and dying. They wanted to immerse themselves in all the richness of the Earth dream, so they formed their own physical bodies. These bodies belonged to the Earth, were made from the Earth, rose up from the Earth and returned to the Earth. Countless other living beings agreed to co-create their bodies in a gracious loving synthesis. They became the cells and microscopic civilizations required to give these souls form.

Time began.

Immersed in the dream, the newly formed bodies of these souls experienced a vividness and immediacy of physical life that made each moment precise and precious. Cycles of waking and sleeping, birthing and living and dying, framed and contained their experiences.

A new desire grew deep in the hearts of these souls, the desire to fully know themselves as conscious creators of their experience, to learn to live in form while consciously creating form. But how? It seemed impossible, given their very bodies were made of the Earth and other beings. What a dilemma! They would have to find a way to stand apart from their oneness with the Earth, and its multitudes of beings, to learn how to consciously create.

The impulse of the soul to grow always finds a way.

In a burst of Divine inspiration, ego consciousness emerged. Out of the vastness of themselves, an aspect arose to deal directly with the reality they created in the Earth dream. This facet would focus on the Earth dream experience as outside and apart from themselves. They would learn to create their experience, individually and collectively, with the psychic energy of their thoughts, emotions and imagination by seeing them projected into form, projected outside of themselves as events and objects.

These wildly adventurous souls began a new game, a game of separations and divisions, of this and that, of self and other, of inside and outside, of subjective and objective. But the game couldn’t just be pretend. It had to feel real. They had to experience all the consequences of their creative experimentation as real or how else could they learn to create on purpose, with skill and mastery?

Adventurous souls have a tendency to take things to the extreme. They can get carried away and lose themselves in their games and adventures. The new facet of self, the ego with its conscious mind and personality, was never meant to completely forget its own source and oneness with all life. It was never meant to cut the intellect off from the soul’s vast reservoirs of intuitive knowledge and love. It was never meant to become so isolated. It was never meant to handle everything on its own.


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