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Earth Dream Part 2: How Did We Get Here?

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

The grand experiment started out slow and gradual. At first, our group of adventurous souls dipped in and out of objectified reality. They partially projected their psychic energy (thoughts, feelings and imagination) into forms and events they experienced as outside themselves, while still retaining their intuitive knowledge and connection with Source.

How fascinating they found this experience! How far could it go? The more they experimented, the more vivid the Earth dream became - more solid, more captivating, more absorbing. They wondered what would happen if they pushed the game action to the max.

Let’s face it. This group of souls were a bunch of drama queens! And they really wanted to learn how reality creation works.

They slipped further and further into the dream, further into the game of pretending to be apart from Nature, the game of forgetting their oneness with all other Beings. They created more divisions and separations, more objectification and projection. Distortions arose as they pushed the parameters of the experiment and began to shut off awareness of their own Source, of their own inner selves.

Cut off in this way, the beliefs and attitudes of the newly minted ego identities became distorted. The pretend game of standing apart from Nature twisted into the tainted belief in dominance over Nature. Separation from oneness with all the life forms of Earth became desecration and disrespect.

Anything that reminded the ego identity of its oneness with all life, of its shared biological heritage with any worm or bacteria, had to be stamped out. Anything that was considered wild, instinctive, primal became something to judge and hate, to shame and control, to repress and subjugate. Systems of thought and belief grew more and more distorted. The group of souls lost themselves in a massive, millennia-long game of telephone, each repetition exaggerating the distortion.

When these souls took on physical bodies, the psyche that knew no gender divided into male and female. The female body would conceive, gestate, birth and nourish the new life just as the Earth birthed and nourished all life forms. Females would not be able to separate themselves as easily as males from the truth of oneness with all life, given their monthly fertility cycles and the experience of growing new life and birthing it through their bodies.

Unwanted qualities were projected onto the females, qualities like creativity, intuitive knowledge and the instinctive intelligence of the physical body that knows its shared biological heritage with all cellular life. Females would have to be rigorously controlled, their creative, instinctive energies suppressed, especially their sexuality. Conception, gestation and birth were intrinsically embedded in female sexuality, so female sexuality was deemed inherently dangerous, too close to organic instinctive processes, too full of wild, raw life impulse, not easily subject to intellectual thought. There’s no strategic plan a woman can use to grow a baby in her womb. It’s not directed by conscious thought but by an intelligence and order much greater than the intellect.

The souls also created bodies of different races. All the darker races were assigned other unwanted qualities. They would be associated with primitive, instinctive, animalistic energies, qualities that were too close to Nature. They would also be assigned associations with the unwanted sides of the new polarities: dark vs. light, night vs. day, black vs. white, conscious vs. unconscious.

The souls began to encounter the unintended consequences of their experiments. As the ego consciousness became more segregated and separated, all information from intuitive knowledge and the dream state was not considered valid. The overburdened ego did not want this information intruding. In this way, the so-called unconscious portions of the self were then considered a hotbed of chaotic, savage, dangerous and unpredictable energies and impulses.

Cut off from awareness of their Source and the resources of their inner selves, the ego-focused personalities began to fear and hate the unwanted aspects of their own natures. All of the undesirable attributes of the soul were deemed bad, wrong, destructive, evil and shameful. Mass cultural systems arose that projected the feared, rejected and shamed aspects of the identity outwards onto the groups assigned those characteristics – other races, other nations, other religions.

The ego-focused personalities taught themselves to rigorously control and suppress those energies internally and externally. They created social constructs of government, religion, education, and economics to enforce the codes of suppression and subjugation. Their technologies developed in ways that directed the creative imagination to reinforce separation, dominance, control and subjugation.

Repressed energy always builds up charge. It either explodes or implodes, or sometimes both directions at once.

Where do we go from here?


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