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Earth Dream Part 3: Where We Go From Here

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Our beloved group of adventurous souls found themselves in a very tight spot. What started out as a grand experiment, taking on form to learn how to be conscious creators, went too far into separation and polarization. Distortion and repression dominated inside and out.

Things began to breakdown. It got to a point where almost half the souls focused in a body were living under repressive, tyrannical systems of government. The prevalent religions and scientific dogmas exerted their own repressive influences, which generated conflict between the natural energy of the souls and the ruling constructs of the ego-focused personalities. Technologies, developed without love or honor for all life, turned toxic and destructive to the living systems of the planet. The pressure of repressed energy built up and began to burst out in storms and fires, floods and droughts, wars and violence, and widespread diseases of body and mind.

A mass debate ensued. It took place in the dream state. There the hold of outside-ness loosened without the fixity of a projected objectified reality. Those who identified most with the distortions and separations lobbied vehemently for an apocalyptic end to the experiment, burn it all down and scorch the Earth. Then after a few dream eons, start over with a clean slate. But the wise ones among them offered a different vision, reminding them all of their original intent.

“We set out to learn and grow,“ said the wise ones, “To teach ourselves how to use the energy of our thoughts and emotions with the power of imagination to build and create our experience of reality. We set out to develop skill and mastery in shaping and directing the creative energy of our Beings.”

Others felt it was beyond repair. “We went too far,” they said and pointed out the failures and disasters, the pain and suffering, the devastation and destruction.

“We can grow and learn,” the wise ones said. “This ego consciousness we created is designed to grow and learn. We do it all the time. The toddler ego grew into the teenage ego and then into the adult ego. We can expand and re-open our awareness to include our whole souls. We haven’t failed yet. The experiment is still going.”

The more experienced, wiser souls lobbied hard. They presented visions of exciting and beautiful possibilities, producing mass events in the dream state where all could join in. The message was the same, over and over:

“Our path forward is to re-open our awareness to our whole selves and trust the inherent rightness and goodness of our natures. All we need do is open to the knowledge and information of our souls, to reconnect with our Source. Then we can easily dispense with mistaken, limiting belief systems. We can re-establish our innate knowledge and awareness of our oneness and communion with Nature and all life.

When our ego-focused personalities open to know the whole self, we will become conscious of all the other versions and aspects of ourselves. We will know who we are and what we’re doing… in the dream state, in other lifetimes, and other dimensions of realities. Then we can allow the unlimited power and creative energy of our souls to flow unimpeded, directed into purposeful creation.”

The wise ones spread their vision for a new world far and wide, in both waking and dream states. They distilled all the knowledge gained and redesigned the experiment. First and foremost, separation would no longer be used. Instead, all would be taught to turn back to knowing their oneness again, to knowing their connection to their inner self and all life.

Where did these audacious souls go next? What new adventure did they choose? Probability fields morphed and shifted. Timelines crossed and diverged. Some souls went one way, some another. Each soul made their own choice. Each soul decided for themselves.

All who chose the new adventure of the wise ones began to gather and integrate the many experiences from the experiment gone too far. They practiced and learned to use their energy wisely. They focused and directed their abilities to create new, more beautiful and loving realities. Not without challenges, not perfect, but full of value fulfillment and loving joyful expression.

It all worked out in the end, whichever path they chose. No matter when or where, no matter how, each soul grew and eventually woke themselves up. Each soul learned how to create with skill and mastery, with love and joy.


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