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A Dragon Inside

Sleeping, screened from sight, a fire-breathing dragon has built

her nest in this body.

From the cave at the core, she coils round my spine,

flames curling up my backbone, sacrum to crown.

Wake her at your own risk. She is not a tame pet.

A crazy warrior-priest, wild beast in disguise, comes to dance

with my finicky dragon, bold as you please,

bright sword flashing, beautifully formed, a perfect specimen.

We consider him carefully.

Cavorting about, displays of strength and valor, I am charmed,

my dragon not so much.

The glint in his eye, blazing with relentless intent,

is what stirs her curiosity.

I feel her tail twitching, talons flexing, scales ripple, nostrils flare,

as one gold-green eye blinks open.

No fool or stranger to dragons, he’s a clever wizard

and bows politely at the gate.

Still and quiet, he gathers his forces.

She goes back to her dozing. I patiently wait.

Suddenly, he jumps up and kicks the doors down.

Crazy savage charges right in, and clasping me close in a fierce

yet strangely delicate embrace, kisses me with gentle command.

My belly convulses with a pulse and throb.

I’m shocked, secretly delighted.

I stifle a gasp as my dragon shakes herself awake with

a dangerous growl.

Let the dance begin.

He kisses me again, grabbing my hips and the back of my head.

I’m caught, trapped in his ferocious grip, tender and sweet.

My knees buckle, and before I collapse,

he scoops me up and carries me off in a cloud of testosterone.

Dizzy, I fall back against the vast bulk of his chest.

I sigh, she shrieks, thrashing her tail back and forth.

We could be in for a tumultuous night.

Velvety caresses, fingers and tongue, electric flickers

Strategically pinching and grasping my silken flesh.

Breasts, thighs, lips quiver and shake, his expert wizard’s touch

sets off sparks and tiny flames.

Tracking the sparks, he follows close after my dragon,

charging up and down my spine.

Ferocious barbarian, he stokes the fire in my belly, egging her on.

Great beating wings fan the flames, blast furnace firing

Till it all dissolves into liquefied desire, all but the shining blade

of his fractured intent.

He’s enchanted us both, this savage alchemist,

Juices drip, pouring out from the fertile delta between my thighs

Distilled elixir of dragon-heart flame.

He’s victorious. I’m exhausted. She’s escaped.

Stunned and shattered, I watch my dragon fly lazy circles

about the sky, contentedly blinking her shiny gold-green eyes.

Occasionally belching shrieks of ecstatic flame,

she leaves rooftops scorched and smoking in her wake.

I don’t know how we’re going to get her back inside.

(first published in the anthology "Poems To Fuck To" published by Poetry In Motion Publishing, 2015)


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