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A Dream Of Trickster Medicine

Updated: Mar 28, 2018

Today I’m sharing a piece inspired by a dream. This summer, I got back into working with my dreams, keeping a dream journal and exploring active dreaming, a shamanic technique as taught by Robert Moss in his book, Active Dreaming.

Robert has a great system for working with your dreams that simplifies and streamlines the process. In a nutshell, here’s how it goes…

Give the dream a title (so simple, yet so powerful and helps dream recall, too)

Jot down your feelings on waking and your first associations, a short description of the dream, and a one-liner summing up the dream.

Then ask yourself:

Does the dream relate to something in my waking life?

What do I need to know?

What do I need to do?

Take some sort of action to honor the dream

He’s very insistent about taking action to honor your dreams, which can be anything from making a drawing or painting, writing a poem, playing a game, or some other inspired action that relates to, or expresses, the dream energy.

I wrote a short poem to honor my dream, called “Trickster Medicine”

Please enjoy!

Trickster Medicine

Coyote and fox, tricksters both

Joined bodies and came for me

I stood in the street as this coyote-fox creature

Growled at me and circled

until it leapt and grabbed hold of my tailbone in its jaws.

It just latched on.

Where was my tail, it wanted to know?

What have you done with your wild foxy trickster ways?

I managed to get it off me and then I saw it had a collar with a tag, like a pet dog.

It was taming down and I locked it in a walled side yard, to keep its dangerous wildness contained.

At first I thought the dream was about my first chakra - safety and security.

Maybe… but how could I not see the very obvious?

It grabbed hold of me where I should have a tail of my own.

I had lost my beautiful tail, the tail of a wild thing, bushy and full,

The tail of a trickster shapeshifter who knows the trails between worlds and carries messages from beyond,

Told in stories to trick the fixated limits out of peoples’ minds.

©July 2017 Mikhaila Stettler for Creatrix Arts, Inc


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