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Adventures Across The Awareness Threshold

We were sitting in the shade of Skull Rock on a gorgeous October day, looking out over the Santa Monica mountains down to the Queen’s Necklace. The sweep of Santa Monica Bay lay glittering and blue under a cloudless sky. We’d lucked out, there was hardly anyone around. This served my purpose, as I was about to take my client, N., on an adventure across the awareness threshold. My plan was to use the vastness of sea, sky and the life of the foothills as a kind of springboard to lever open the portal to open-eyed multidimensional awareness.

We began with a closed-eye process to locate the awareness threshold at our inner core. This is the term I’ve given the interface, or portal, between our human identity and soul identity, between physical reality and inner reality.

Once we established the connection, we opened our eyes and focused on sensing the inner life in the foothills all around us, you could say the Beingness of the land. Then we closed our eyes and focused back into the awareness threshold. Then out again. Back and forth we went, open eyes, closed eyes, inner reality, outer reality, until N. could feel that inner portal, or threshold of awareness, like a 2-way valve she could open in either direction simply by focusing her awareness muscles, like focusing a camera lens.

This process began to collapse the separation between inner and outer awareness, bringing us into an experience of unified Beingness. Even though it was my intention to achieve open-eyed multidimensional awareness, it still blew my mind when it happened.

Then it got weird. As we headed back, I had to keep stopping, squatting down in the dirt, lightheaded and dizzy. I was seeing two layers of reality, like watching two TV channels, one superimposed over the other. One channel was my normal vision - the solid forms of physical reality, the trail and chaparral all around us, views of Los Angeles from downtown LA to the Pacific Ocean. On the other channel, nothing was solid. It was all vibrating energy fields. Eventually I found a way to keep walking by focusing on the ground no more than 3—4 feet in front of me. Once we hit the pavement on the dead-end street where the car was parked, my perception went back to “normal” and I was focused enough to drive.

We headed down to the beach for another adventure with the awareness threshold, using the rhythm of the waves and the vastness of the Pacific Ocean as our springboard. By the end of our day, N. was able to look out into physical reality with the eyes of her soul. Maybe only for a few moments, but still, astounding. She’d only worked with me for a few months, but here she was, performing feats of perception life-long meditators would envy.

A few days later, I led another intensive retreat, this time with T. We sat on a bench on the bluff park overlooking the Pacific Ocean. I took T. through a very similar process, traveling back and forth across the awareness threshold, back and forth between open and closed eyes, until we achieved that state of open-eyed multidimensional awareness.

Since that week of back-to-back client intensives, a whole new level of perceptual abilities has opened up for me. That double-layered multidimensional awareness can happen at any moment, only I don’t get dizzy or disoriented anymore. My telepathy, intuition and ability to read someone’s soul blueprint is greater than ever. I’m receiving concentrated packets of inner knowing on the regular. I’m remembering my activities in the dream state, like the night I helped a group of people understand and integrate their trauma experiences. I’m receiving a flood of inspiration for creative projects. And more, but I won’t get into it here.

Every one of us has the innate capacity for multidimensional awareness in an open-eyed state.

What I’ve discovered is once there’s a breakthrough in perception, I can easily transmit that breakthrough to others. It’s kind of like the 100th monkey phenomena. Instead of taking years of spiritual practice, we can open up access those to innate abilities in months. Think of it as super-efficient gym training for your awareness muscles. Training our awareness to focus in this way offers an easy and reliable conduit to direct connection with our inner Being and the field of infinite possibility.

As for me, the more multidimensional awareness I can access, the more I can straddle inner and outer reality, the more potent and authentic my transmission, whether in my art practice or soul attunement work.

All this may sound rather woo-woo and farfetched, but it’s actually very practical and useful to gain access to a larger data field. It certainly improves understanding and communication in relationships. Tapping into more of your inner awareness can only enrich your life and make you more confident, secure and empowered.

Wanna try it for yourself? Shoot me a note to mikhaila (at) and I'll share a guided practice.

As always, sending love and blessings, Mikhaila


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