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Art Practice + Spiritual Practice

Art Practice + Spiritual Practice: How I unified my art practice and my spiritual practice to create shamanic soul sculptures

It’s such a unique art form I’ve created with my shamanic soul sculptures that people often ask me how I came up with it. The short answer is inner guidance.

The story begins back in 2006 during my creative sabbatical right after I left medical practice to go back to my roots in the arts. In a meditation one day, I received the guidance to create an art piece that would capture and reflect a woman’s feminine soul essence. I didn’t know if it was possible to achieve my vision, to materialize someone’s feminine soul essence in a work of art so powerfully and accurately that it radiated that essence in a palpable, undeniably tangible way. Turns out, it was possible and the positive response from the subjects of my first two pieces was beyond all expectation.

Fast forward to 2015. One of my soul mentoring clients commissioned a piece to help her instantly connect to Inner Silence. Up to that point, the pieces had been wall-mounted mixed media with 3D elements and framed in a shadow box, but this piece had a mind of its own. It refused to go into that format. I had to scrap the early work and start over. I ended up creating a magical world, a sanctuary of peace and silence inside a glass pyramid. Since then, all the new commissions have been mixed media sculptures.

Portal of the Heart

My work has evolved from that initial inspiration into a unified art and spiritual practice. My creative gifts enable me to make my psychic gifts visible, to translate my ability to see soul essence and soul purpose into a material object. But I don’t just “see” people’s soul blueprints. I activate them.

I believe this ability is responsible for my extraordinary treatment results during my years in medical practice, where I consistently achieved over 90% success rate. I could always see my patients’ inner blueprint for optimal health. All their health issues appeared as an overlay of static in their field, but underneath, the original blueprint was fully present. I just needed to activate it and clear the static. I held strong to my inner vision of their health potential, reflected it back to them, and together we achieved miracles.

Nowadays everything is integrated and unified together in my art practice – the creative gifts with the psychic and healing abilities. Each shamanic sculpture is a completely unique expression of pure soul energy. I believe that’s why they have so much power and why they can activate soul purpose and transform your life.

I’ve seen it in my own life, too. Ever since the beginning of this year, when I began leading group activations and attunements with The Portal Of The Heart, my psychic abilities and multidimensional awareness have grown exponentially. I’m clearer than ever about my own soul purposes. Creating these shamanic sculptures, these luxurious magical objects, to powerfully activate people’s soul blueprint, is a big part of my purpose.

If you want to connect and activate your soul blueprint, contact me for a consultation.

The Shadow-Eater


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