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Cling To Truth & Don’t Let Go

From new macro flower series
Photograph © Mikhaila Stettler 2018

A beautiful and gifted woman consulted with me recently. A day after we met, a scene appeared in my meditation where she was this beautiful mermaid-like creature, all tangled up in a net. The net was woven from fibers of limiting rules and conditions, rigid constructs about what she had to do, how she had to do it and who she was allowed to be. All of it based on misperception and false beliefs. I saw how the net could dissolve and fall away if she were able to see the truth these fibers. The misperceptions and false beliefs would simply dissolve in the face of truth. The clear message was to connect with a deep perception of truth and cling to it.

Maybe I’m unusually hardheaded or maybe the message bears repeating, because this directive has been hammered home again and again over the past two months. “Once you recognize the truth, cling to it and don’t let go. Meditate with it and get the frequency signature into the muscle memory of your awareness. Reinforce it at the first signs of trigger. Repeat it to yourself.” It seems obvious, but after my third time hearing it, either coming out of my own mouth in sessions with my mentoring clients or in my personal meditations, I began to give it deeper attention.

We’ve all had those moments when we see things really clearly, when we’ve had a direct perception of some truth about our personal reality and/or the nature of reality. You know it’s truth when you feel it in your body as a sensation of absolute inner knowing, when you feel it in your gut, in your bones. This is the truth to cling to during storms of reactivity.

No matter how awake and aware we may be, or think we are, there will be times when we find ourselves caught in the grip of conditioned patterns. Early survival mechanisms run the show, looping around the same old negative circuits, spinning us out into some sort of reactive state. It’s during those times we need to remind ourselves of the truth we recognized when we were in a deep state of attunement and connection. Trust that truth. Lean on it. Repeat it to yourself.

I’ve now developed the habit of taking notes, so when I start spin out, I can re-read the words and remind myself that it’s all false beliefs and misperceptions obscuring the true nature of things. Even if I can’t feel the truth in the moment, if I make the conscious choice to reach for it and affirm it, that act of choice regenerates power and personal authority. It helps ground me and root me back in my power and responsibility to choose my focus.

Of course, the tricky part is getting to the depth of perception to recognize truth. But once you’ve contacted it, remember, even though there may be moments when you feel yourself veering off the rails into crazy town, the truth has not changed. Cling to it!


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