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Flower Dreamworlds: The Archetypal Meaning & Spiritual Significance of Flowers

Photography by Mikhaila Stettler

It all started with the shimmer of the quantum field. I first observed this shimmer phenomenon during a deep state of meditation and discovered it’s generated by quantum particles flashing millions of time a second between physical and non-physical reality. I was fascinated by this phenomenon and wanted to see if I could capture this shimmer in nature, which led me to photograph flowers close up.

That initial inspiration was the genesis of the Flower Dreamworld project, an interactive immersive art experience that explores the archetypal meaning and spiritual significance of flowers in the collective consciousness.

What are flowers in the psyche of humankind? Flowers are significant in every culture on the planet, from indigenous rainforest tribes to the most cosmopolitan urbanite. Everywhere flowers bloom, they captivate humans. We use them to celebrate events from birth to death, to express respect, love and caring, to beautify and decorate. We use them for their scent, to make perfumes, and to make teas and medicines. On a purely botanical level, they’re the sex organs of plants, and represent sensuality and sexuality.

What if we stripped away everything, everything our minds know about flowers, and simply connected with their innermost essence? How do they experience themselves? Do they dream?

Now that I’m moving forward with producing this project, I’ve begun work on the script. I realized I needed to follow the same creative process I use in all my art and start with a deep mystical attunement to the essence of flower consciousness. Last week I convened a small group for the first “sitting session.”

As soon as we tuned in, there was a charge of Aliveness, that sensation of pure Beingness expressed as an exuberant, effervescent, zingy, life impulse, the sensation of life ever-unfolding, ever-emerging, blossoming into more life, more life, more life.

Next, we experienced the presence of Divine Love as Divine Beauty, and how flowers are the physical embodiment of Divine Love as Beauty. This progressed into seeing flowers as portals, and how they resemble the portal of the vulva and cervix. Even though flowers have both male and female parts of the plant, their energy is like the feminine portal for pure life impulse.

We connected with a quality of very refined beauty and love that exists without conflict or polarity together with the raw, primal life impulse of sexuality and reproductive energy.

We also registered a tone of enchantment and magic that was seductive. Of course, this varies with the specific type of flower. A daisy may not be quite as seductive as an orchid, but on the whole, flowers emanate a seductive quality of enchantment and magic.

As our attunement progressed, we were drawn in deeper, beneath the surface to the root psychic energy behind flowers. There we encountered this quality of divine blessing, flowers as a blessing of Divine Grace. We connected with the abundance quality of Divine Love as a profusion of life, a profuse, prolific flowering of life, more life, more flowers, more potential, more abundance. On the physical plane, flowers express the fulfillment of potentiality, the apex of growth.

Then our attunement process shifted us into the meaning of flowers for human consciousness, the significance for the human species: Divine Love, blessing and grace, a materialization of the spiritual truth that we’re being loved and supported at every point of our existence to grow and blossom.

Photography by Mikhaila Stettler

I’m holding another group attunement “sitting session” tomorrow, in the gardens of the Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine, where we’ll explore more of the Devic kingdom, the species of consciousness behind the life of plants, who work with spectrums of inner sound values, scent, color and beauty to perceive, form and tend to plant life. Stay tuned for further developments.


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