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How To Handle The Call To Get Bigger When it Feels Overwhelming & Scary

How do you handle it when life has called you to get bigger, to take a major growth leap and move up in weight class? I’ve recently witnessed this call to get bigger surface and gather momentum in the people around me. I can’t help but notice the same call to get bigger surging its way through my life, as well.

Plain and simple, getting bigger means you run more energy through your life. You now hold more presence in the world. You’re bigger in any number of ways: scope, scale or visibility, power or dollars, in some way deeper and wider.

It’s challenging to answer the call to get bigger. You may be confronted with all kinds of limits, rules and conditions about what’s allowed for you. Past trauma, shame, guilt, fears and doubts can put you in a first-class seat on the crazy train. Deep defense mechanisms, early childhood love and survival vows not to get too big, shine too bright, or be too different from your family, and that you’ll be all alone and isolated, can make you reactive, resistant, self-sabotaging, or cause you to shut down and numb out.

The backlash effect is no joke! Within a week of all this new energy entering my field, I could detect various mechanisms trigger into action. Even though everything showing up was exactly what I’ve been asking for, praying for, clearing the path for, preparing for and attuning to as deeply as I could (actually even better), the energy was too big, too expansive, too exalted for my current set points. A threshold was crossed and the old protective defense control mechanisms triggered into high alert. The rubber band snapped back.

This manifested as a kind of unfocused inner pissyness, and a desire to numb out and binge watch reality TV. In the background, a swarm of whispers warned me about the dangers and demands, and my general incapacity to handle claiming this much power and presence in the world. The whispers softly insisted that it’s all going to be too big, too hard, too much work, requiring enormous heroic efforts and force of will, and that basically I’m just not cut out for it. Hello inner Rulekeeper with all her entrenched beliefs about what’s possible, how it has to go, how I have to be, and what I’d have to do. Jeez!

So now I’m in TLC mode for all those mechanisms while bringing direct perception of truth to challenge all their false beliefs and misperceptions. Which brings me to my next point. What is all this new energy coming into my field but the energy, love and creativity of my own Being? Just more of it.

In a recent mentoring session with a client, we were dealing with her personal version of the call to get bigger and step into more creative power and presence in the world. The inner training was all about cultivating a loving relationship with herself and claiming her proper authority and responsibility over her own Being and life. I heard myself guiding her to lay claim to her birthrights. This is the key to what I wanted to share with you today.

What birthrights are these? The purposes of your soul are your birthright, both in their desire and fulfillment. The gifts you brought in with you are your birthright, all the talents and abilities of your innate design are your birthright. Your personal responsibility, your authority over your life, is your birthright. Your inner guidance is your birthright, and you’re the only one it speaks to. The very spark of life that brought you into being in the first place is your birthright. This life impulse, this spark of aliveness, is given to you, freely, zero conditions. You can’t ever be unworthy or undeserving. It’s your personal corner of Source, the aliveness that animates every nanosecond of your life.

Claim your birthrights.

It’s a massive power-generating act. You’re the only one who can do it.

Once you recognize the truth that these birthrights belong to you absolutely and without condition, it sets you back in your rightful authority. The moment you make the conscious choice to claim your birthrights, to take responsibility for your gifts and soul purpose, it’s much easier to make a major growth leap because you’re grounded in your power and authority, in your gifts and purposes.

It takes this dual approach to handle the invitation to get bigger. One the one hand, we have to meet our defense survival mechanisms with tender, loving, compassion when they get triggered. The only true cure for all those past traumas, for the fears and doubts, for any shame or guilt, is loving relationship with yourself and connection with your inner Being. These mechanisms are automatic and deeply engrained. Even though they work tirelessly to keep you safe, their sense of power and control is an illusion. All our limiting beliefs, rules, vows, and conditions are based on misperception and falsehood. The only true, absolutely trustworthy source of safety and authority is your inner Being.

At the same time, we need to claim our birthrights to our own energy, our gifts and soul purposes, our innate design, and take both responsibility and power for loving ourselves, taking care of ourselves, and being true to our nature.

So, if you find yourself freaking out late at night with your mind spinning, you can relax in the knowledge that the same life impulse which caused you to be born and grow into an adult is calling you to get bigger. You can grow up now, just like you’ve done it before.


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