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Manifestation The Feminine Operating System Way

Even though I’ve witnessed the power and effectiveness of the Feminine Operating System over and over again, in every woman I’ve worked with since 2009, I still have a hard time consistently applying it in my own life. I get so frustrated with myself! Now that my inner guidance has insisted I begin to share my discoveries again, in a new way this time, I’m determined to get to the bottom of this problem.

Why is it so hard to apply what I know to be true about my own innate design and operating system?

I think there are two main reasons, in my case at least. First of all, there’s the enormous force field of our social conditioning and cultural mindset that tells us the way to make things happen or to manifest what we want is to have a clear goal, figure out how to get it, and then use our force of will and work hard. From childhood on, we’re told that hard work and goal-oriented action is the way to achieve anything. Make a plan, develop a strategy, then work hard to execute it, one step at a time. This is the approved method, and you better be able to defend and justify the logic and rationale behind what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.

It’s only when I directly challenge this mode of operating that I consciously hear the enormous judgment, shaming and criticism questioning it triggers. “This is the only valid way to get things done,” the rule keeper in my head states without absolute authority. Dig a little deeper, and all the protective defense mechanisms that tell me what I have to do and how I have to be in order to be successful, accepted and validated rise up and flood my nervous system like a tsunami. Failure, death, destruction and apocalyptic chaos are sure to come if I challenge the ways things are done.

The problem with this approach to manifestation is that it denies my natural way of functioning as a woman, whose operating system is feminine, not masculine. If I hadn’t witnessed and facilitated the same inner training in mentoring client after client, I wouldn’t have gained so much direct observation and inner knowing about the ways and means of our Feminine Operating System. In every woman I worked with, their inner Being guided them through the same basic training to discover and re-orient to their natural mode of operating. The underlying principles were the same, re-affirmed and reinforced over and over again.

The Feminine Operating System manifests desire through alignment, attunement and emergence rather than goal-oriented, target-seeking action.

The ways and means of the Feminine Operating System are radically different from the distorted version of the male operating system that dominates our culture. It requires receptivity, the ability to open and hold the space for something new, something unknown to emerge and take form. I often use the analogy of our female biology, the female ability to grow a baby and birth a new form. You can’t teach a woman to grow a baby in her womb. There’s no strategic plan or action steps she can take, no analysis, no scientific method or procedures to follow. There’s no goal-oriented campaign to mount and will power is not applicable. Yet something in women knows how to do this. There’s plenty of action, but no mentally-directed, will-powered doing.

In the natural mode of the Feminine Operating System, we open the space to receive a vision or inspiration. This comes as a whole, all at once, as a concentrated package, as a source seed of new, original content. Materialization and manifestation occurs through a process of unfolding, progressively developing detail and specifics, filling out form. In the same way, growing a baby is not a linear process, but more of a spherical process, that starts at the center with a fertilized egg that first divides into two cells and then grows outward in all directions.

The tricky part of all this is being able to tolerate the unknown mystery of the feminine and trust the emergence process.

It’s disconcerting, to say the least, when you can’t see a linear path ahead and don’t know how things will happen. This is the second main cause of my difficulty to apply what I know to be true on a consistent basis. I can’t logically defend or prove what my intuition tells me, at least not before the manifestation. Retrospectively, I may be able to see at least some of the inner logic at work, but before something has taken form, I can’t justify the guidance. I’m in the unknown and have to open and trust.

I now see how we can use alignment and attunement to help us build trust. Once we have received an inspiration or desire, we can deliberately align and attune to that intent. This is what gives us a sense of purpose and direction. If we focus on connecting with the originating source of the desire or inspiration, and then open to register and receive guidance, inner knowing emerges automatically. The inner knowing is always action-oriented. It’s always directed to specific action.

This is the process of the Feminine Operating System. The intuitive direction to action is not externally arrived at through some mentally-generated strategic plan and goal-orientation, but organically through alignment, attunement and receptivity to the emergence process. We have to give ourselves space to allow that organic unfolding to happen without force, but with connection instead. This leads to effective action with less manual effort and stress.

The more we can connect with the original source desire or inspiration, the more we connect with the creative life impulse within us, and the more guidance and direction we can receive. This orientation helps us to align with the enormous power of the emergence process, the power to give birth to form.

My intention for Desire & Creation Inside The Feminine Operating System is to activate a direct experience in participants of their natural way of functioning. The direct experience is what gives us the affirmation and validation we need to trust ourselves and have confidence in our natural way of operating.

If you’re in Los Angeles on Sunday October 15th, please join us in the Great Hall at Mystic Journey Crystal Gallery and Yoga Studio.


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