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Our Wombs Talk To Each Other: The Magic of Womb-to-Womb Resonance

It breaks my heart that almost every woman I know has no idea about the miraculous magic of her womb, no idea that it’s her greatest source of power and creativity. Did you know that our wombs talk to each other? If you think that’s nonsense, think about how common it is for menstrual cycles to sync up when women live together, and read on.

I discovered the phenomenon of womb-to-womb resonance back in the years of working with women’s health issues in my medical practice. I was treating Claire for infertility issues, and I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. I reconfirmed my diagnosis and treatment plan, but still, she wasn’t responding as I expected. I had to go deeper to figure out what was blocking the healing. “Let’s see if we can tune in on a deeper level,” I said to Claire, “and get some guidance and information.”

She lay back on my treatment table and I placed my hands over her heart and womb, opening all my inner senses. I guided her through a simple attunement process. “Focus on your breath and bring it down into your belly,” I told her. “Feel my hand over your womb and try to bring your breath into it. Shift all your attention and all your feeling sense into your womb.” I tuned into Claire’s womb and immediately encountered a thick wall of disconnected, stuck, unconscious energy. I placed a few acupuncture needles in the master channels that govern the reproductive system to help hold the focus and energy steady. Then I put one hand under her sacrum and one hand over her womb and investigated the sensation of blank disconnect. It was such a contrast with how I experienced my own womb energy. I tuned into my own womb and felt it activate, first coming alive with a tingling charge of energy and then opening into a vast inner field of pure Beingness. I tuned back into Claire’s womb and it felt completely shut down, closed for business.

I had an inspiration, a flash of guidance, to try and resonate the sensation of my own awake, alive womb to hers. It took a while, but gradually she began to feel her womb awakening for the first time in her life. As soon as she registered those first sensations of aliveness, we acknowledged them and everything amplified. A vibrational resonance formed between our wombs. The deeper I felt into my own experience, the more she felt her womb vibrating and opening. We were both thrilled and astounded by this development. I gave Claire some energy practices to work with on her own and continued to activate her womb every time she came in for a treatment. We also worked to heal and transform the shame and trauma in her history that had shut her womb down in the first place. She conceived her first child a couple of months later.

After that breakthrough session, I began to investigate this phenomenon of womb-to-womb resonance with my patients and students.

I discovered when two or more women are in each other’s presence, as long as one of them is actively aware of and feeling from her womb, there’s a resonance phenomenon that automatically and spontaneously occurs.

A new channel of information, communication and connection comes alive, without any effort or “doing” on our part. It does require tuning in to feel it, because each woman has to feel the womb vibration in herself, but the resonance is automatic. And for any women out there who have had a hysterectomy, please be assured, the energetic functions of the womb are still intact, although it may take some extra focus, and maybe assistance, to reconnect and activate them.

I discovered that my own embodied presence could directly activate other women, could directly transmit the sensation of an alive, awake womb. If one of my advanced students was present in a workshop, it amplified the resonance field and made it easier to activate the other women.

The activation and awakening of our wombs taught us the womb is an ever-open door that opens straight into direct connection with Source.

Almost all the spiritual practices currently taught on this planet are designed for the male operating system. They’re mostly about going up and out to connect with Spirit, but as women we don’t need to do that. The womb opens right into direct communion with Spirit, no need for any of those efforts because we carry a portal to the inner planes inside our bodies. Womb-to-womb resonance brings us into a state of communion with each other and with the flow of Beingness, of Existence.

The more I explored connecting with the womb, the more I came to understand it is a woman’s greatest power source, a glistening bowl of primal feminine energy at the dark center of the universe, the source of all.

The womb is a magical, mysterious cauldron of creativity, a door between worlds, a multidimensional portal.

It is only when you turn inward and let yourself experience the truth of your womb, let yourself feel the power, mystery and creativity of your womb, that you begin to grasp the reality of what you carry inside.

Not one single woman I know was ever shown how to navigate through life and create from the power of her womb. Most every woman I’ve ever worked with has had little or no conscious connection with her womb, no felt sense, and certainly no idea of its energetic functions. Good thing womb-to-womb resonance is one of those functions because it gives us a totally natural way to help wake each other up!

You can help other women activate themselves simply by connecting with the felt sense of your womb. This activation is an energetic offering without any force or aggression. It’s more like a process of direct transmission. When you feel the womb vibration in yourself, it propagates the vibration through the space between you. When three or more women consciously resonate together, it can activate a crowd of women because each woman who reconnects amplifies the resonance wave, enticing the other women in the space to feel it in themselves.

True female empowerment can only exist when we consciously experience, acknowledge, validate and honor the gifts and characteristics of our feminine energy and operating system. If we don’t stand for our essential feminine essence, we can never truly be empowered as women.

Activating and awakening your womb and experiencing its powers for yourself is key to your empowerment. Womb power, sisters!

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