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Quantum Blast – incremental versus exponential growth

Quantum Blast

These past few months, I’ve been sharing aspects of my recent accelerations and expansions. Have you been going through rapid growth, too? I feel a quickening in the collective field, a critical mass of intensity building charge for massive transformation. Have you felt that, too?

The constraints of limiting constructs, false beliefs and misperceptions have become more intolerable than ever. I made a very conscious decision to do something about them, and I’m not fucking around. Now that I’m being challenged to take significant new actions, up comes resistance. If it weren’t so tragic, I would find the attachment to all the old constructs keeping me stuck cosmically hilarious. Obviously, none of it is working to generate what I truly want so why cling on?

The other day, I was grappling with my personal repertoire of self-limiting patterns, and was able to make a breakthrough. I could feel the liberation as fresh new energy burst into my field.

It wasn’t uncomfortable or overwhelming, but I felt a kind of antsy-ness to get into action. I considered various possibilities. It was about 9pm on Friday night, so I wasn’t about to try and conduct any business, and no social or entertainment activities felt quite right either, not even tango.

Then I got the inspiration to make an art piece, something to help hold and concentrate the new energy for me. I tuned into the feeling tone, and in the space of a couple of hours, this piece, Quantum Blast, materialized. The power in it blew me away.

All weekend, I’ve returned to it again and again. Every time I do, I feel that blast of energy charging up my field. It doesn’t feel like a progressive process, but more like an extra dimensional shift, like new energy poured through an opening between realities and shifted the entire field.

I’d listened to a podcast earlier in the day about making quantum leaps. Here are some key take-aways:

  • Exponential growth requires us to abandon the status quo and ignore the conventional rules. Let your desires guide you instead of the limits of the analytical mind.

  • Have a clear destination in mind, but don’t get bogged down into the methodology of the how’s.

  • Suspend disbelief.

  • Rely on unseen forces and plug into the power of Source.

  • Release and let go of control.

Now there’s nothing wrong with incremental growth. It’s a natural process of unfolding and development. But incremental growth won’t cut it at this time of my life. I feel such an inner urgency to make massive change, to free myself from the old limits so I can share my gifts at the highest levels. Like I said, I’m not fucking around. I need exponential growth right now.

These past few days, I’ve had a number of conversations with some extraordinary men about altar/icon commissions. These are all men whose purposes and gifts I feel called to support – to generate and concentrate a huge boost of energy for their increased expression and manifestation. It’s curious that all these conversations have been with men, since I most often work with women, and am known for my work around the feminine operating system and empowerment of the feminine energy.

Now that I realize I can create only a few of these magical, power-generating works of art a year, I’m only offering them to those who are a true match.

If you feel the desire to make a quantum leap in your life, and you’d like a power-generating magical amplifier of your very own, contact me.


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