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Solstice Opening – The Portal Of The Heart

Portal Of The Heart

“There’s a big window of opportunity opening up,” I heard myself telling my friend, Cindi, “with the double 24-hour whammy of winter solstice and the full moon between Friday and Saturday.” We were sitting on her upstairs ocean view terrace, watching the sun set from the Big Island of Hawaii. Everything felt alive and eager to connect and communicate. The land was talking to me, welcoming me, asking me to engage, to help clear the old energy and anchor in something new. A soft breeze caressed my skin, whispering love notes from Existence.

We were talking about her relationship and the history of the house and property. I could feel the weight in her heart, the heaviness of all the tangled patterns and painful relationship dynamics. At the same time, there was a quickening and stirring in the atmosphere, a charge of energy building just beyond the veil. That’s when I sensed the window of opportunity coming, a surge of new energy, bringing with it a giant wave of Divine Grace, right through the portal of the heart.

Close-up on portal

No coincidence, that’s the name of my most recent shamanic power piece, The Portal Of The Heart. My client and I activated and initiated it just last Friday. Part of its purpose and function is to heal any trauma and wounding to knowing and feeling your intrinsic lovability, value, worth and deserving. During the activation process, from the center of the portal in his piece to the inner core deep within his heart, a portal opened and a channel formed, direct connection with Divine Love, pouring the love of his inner Being and Source straight into his human heart.

I’ve come to understand that when I make a piece for a client, it’s also for the collective. Now that this portal of the heart has been born into the world and activated, it’s radiating the frequency of Divine Love and Grace 24/7.

The mystery of Divine Grace is that it can heal anything, lift us out of even the deepest depths of despair, dissolve even the most entrenched, encrusted pain and scar tissue. All is resolved and redeemed in its embrace, all forgiven, all at peace, all one in the embrace of Love.

Portal Of The Heart

The wave of Divine Grace, peaking from solstice on Friday to full moon on Saturday, is a chance for deep healing and transformation, to jump across timelines onto something new, something bigger and better and more true.

During the busy holiday rush this Friday-Saturday, I ask you to take time to attune to this wave of Divine Grace pouring through, to open the portal of your heart to receive the truth of your unlimited, multidimensional nature. Let yourself be lifted up. Open the portal. Jump onto a new timeline. Ride the wave.

Love and aloha blessings from Hawaii,



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