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Source Energy Channel

The transformational power of creative process never ceases to amaze me. This piece was made during an intensive with one of my mentoring clients. In the intensives, I combine creative process, attunement meditation and shamanic activation to generate a massive boost of energy, building the critical intensity needed to break out of old limits and into new levels of manifestation. I made this piece to anchor the activation of my client's creative destiny into a tangible physical form. It was never intended to be a finished art piece, created as it was in the space of an hour or two, but this is what can happen when the channel opens wide. I simply opened myself to the outpouring of primal feminine creative energy and this is what came through, in a flow of direct transmission. The entire experience reaffirmed and reinforced my own creative destiny, my own desires and purposes. What I know for sure, is that if I can channel enough pure source energy into creative media, it can activate massive transformation and manifestation. This is my ultimate purpose with all my artistic endeavors - pack it full of source energy and let it loose upon the world. Everything is about to scale up. The altars and icons are getting bigger. An altar built into an alcove in a home as a personal sanctuary and power center. A walk-through icon in a lobby that connects everyone who comes into your space with the essence of your mission and values, continuously powering your vision and purposes. Large-scale pieces in public spaces, inspiring an entire community. Imagine that… If you want a piece to activate your transformation and manifestation, contact me


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