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The Nature of Healing & Healing Vortex Sculpture

I’m so happy to share my first piece in my new entry-level line of shamanic sculptures, and the first in a series on healing. This one is called Healing Vortex 1 and it was commissioned by Niseema Dyan Diemer, who does deep, powerful healing work with chronic pain and trauma. I’m in love with this magical being and all the fairy nature spirits zipping around it. We activate it tomorrow and I can’t wait to hear how it impacts the work in her treatment room.

I don’t think I ever investigated the nature of healing so directly before. When I received the inspiration to create a piece on healing for Niseema, I realized that healing is a divine frequency spectrum that operates across all dimensions of reality, but what is it really?

As always, my creative process begins with deep inner attunement to the chosen theme for the piece. Here’s what came through during our sitting session meditation, the specific aspects regarding the nature of healing most relevant to Niseema’s soul purposes and work in the world.

First there were slow rolling wave-like pulsations initiating a spiral of life impulse, and filled with the of the charge of Aliveness, a zingy, sparkling, spinning spiral of light and pure Beingness. This life impulse is full of love, upholding the uniqueness and integrity of each and every life form, loving all life into fulfilling the inner blueprint for its optimal potential.

Next, my psychic senses registered the action of wavelengths of light weaving together, all these filaments of light weaving and integrating together into wholeness. All parts present - no disconnection, no separation, no banishing any parts or sequestering, no blocking or setting up oppositions, but everything integrated and pulled into wholeness. The action of healing pulled all the filaments together and then grounded and rooted them into the planet. We are made of Earth stuff, and this grounding action restored a feeling of safety, a feeling of being loved and nourished by our planet.

I began to perceive the energy behind cellular consciousness, which is the basis of all life forms on Earth. It was like a spiraling, sparkling, iridescent green and pink energy, like in soap bubbles, the juicy young sap rising up. I understood this to be the frequency of divine healing on the level of cellular reality, charging the cells with light, life and pure vitality. The green was the pure life force and the pink was the compassion of divine love. I could see how this energy of love and pure life impulse propagate a pulsation wave through trauma patterns, unifying everything into wholeness.

Here’s what I discovered in the sitting session attunement:

The nature of healing is wholeness, and not as a noun, but an action of integration and unification, everything weaving together into wholeness.

After I created a palette for the piece, I went on a hunting and gathering expedition to find the watermelon tourmaline I wanted to use to channel the frequency of that iridescent pink and green energy. I found this piece of raw malachite at the same time, along with the pieces of bismuth I used to make the arch of the portal. I also incorporated rubies into the piece to hold the energy of Divine Love.

Close up of raw malachite in center

Once the vortex was formed, the nature spirits (who take care of cellular life forms) took up residence, delighting me with their presence.

I am filled with so much love and gratitude for doing this sacred work. It blows my mind when I realize what I’ve created, this joy-filled integration of all my greatest gifts into these gorgeous, magical objects that bless, uplift, heal and empower.

If you would like to explore commissioning your own shamanic sculpture, and especially if you would like to be the one to cause the next piece on healing to be born, let’s connect!

Love and blessings,


Healing Vortex 1


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