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The Only Antidote To Not Enough Time

Photo by Mikhaila Stettler - from the Flower Dreamworld series

Is your life so demanding and over-scheduled that you chronically feel like there’s never enough time? Does urgency, pressure or overwhelm color your days? You’ve probably tried a bunch of time-management systems and productivity tools, and maybe they’ve helped, but there’s always a limit to what any system or tool can do.

There’s only one true antidote for not enough time – timelessness.
There’s only one true antidote to urgency, pressure and overwhelm - infinite vast spaciousness.

Timelessness and spaciousness are properties of Inner Silence, a divine quality of pure Beingness. As with any divine quality, Inner Silence is always available, ever-present, unlimited and absolute, without condition or prerequisites.

Inner Silence is always here. Our problem is we’re not always connected.

The attunement process I use with my mentoring clients has taught me about the nature and action of Inner Silence. I’ve seen how contact with Inner Silence brings us into a place of timeless quiet, peace and order. It brings us into a space of non-linear, non-cognitive awareness, into a mode of open, available, receptive, unstructured attention.

Deep contact with the silent field of Inner Silence connects us to inner knowing, wisdom, and truth - the capacity to directly perceive the truth of a situation, person or condition, the ability to see the inner reality. Contact with that level of your Beingness automatically converts into inner knowing, which then further translates into guidance and direction to specific action. Deep connection with Inner Silence helps us see and understand the situations and conditions in our lives and what’s needed to navigate through them.

There’s no chaos or static in the field of Inner Silence. The action of inner Silence clears the noise from your field and brings things into order, structure and coherence. It pre-assembles life into larger building blocks of content you can simply slot into place instead of manually dealing with all the myriad little building blocks.

I’ve trained all my mentoring clients to easily and quickly connect with Inner Silence, in under 5 minutes. Close your eyes and tune in. Feel under the surface or in the background for the ever-present invitation to drop into Inner Silence. There’s a subtle sensation of being drawn back and down into yourself, a quieting, calming and deepening, a spreading expansion into the vast, timeless, thoughtless spacious Present.

The more you access direct connection with the sensation of Inner Silence, the more everything lines up, the more you know what to do, see how things need to go, the more peace, confidence and inner knowing you feel. No mental effort is needed to figure things out. You simply know what to do.

Try it out for yourself here.

Love and blessings,



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