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True Freedom Is Emotional Freedom

On this 4th of July, claim your birthrights to your unconditional lovability, worth and value.

True freedom is an inside job. It’s emotional freedom from false beliefs that negate your sense of value, worth and lovability. It’s freedom from reactivity whenever someone acts in an unloving way. It’s freedom from taking things personally.

As long as we’re trying to get validation and approval from others, we’re not free. As long as our sense of lovability is dependent on others, we’re not free.

The fact is we have no control over how others think and feel or act. Any time we try to control or manipulate how others see us or act towards us, we’re in the bondage of co-dependency and have lost our freedom.

Claim your birthrights to define your value for yourself. When you claim your rightful authority over how you share your gifts and fulfill your desires, when you willingly take on responsibility to love and care for your own inner essence, then you’re free.

It’s only when we understand and claim the creative power of our Being to design our life experience that we’re free.

Wishing you love and freedom!


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