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What’s In Your Soul Blueprint – the perfect trifecta

What is a soul blueprint? Here’s what it isn’t - some predestined, preordained plan for your life.

Your soul blueprint is formed from:

  1. Your unique essence

  2. Your personal operating system

  3. Your soul purposes

1. Your unique essence: the combination of soul values, qualities, abilities and creative potentials completely unique to you in all the Universe. Each person has their own uniqueness, their own inner soul essence. There is no one exactly the same as you. There never has been and there never will be. Not even identical twins share the same soul essence.

2. Your personal operating system: your unique essence in action, the most natural authentic way for you to function and operate in physical reality, designed to be the easiest way to express your essence and fulfill your purposes. Your unique operating system has its own specific rhythms, features and modes of action.

3. Soul purposes: the soul values, purposes and creative potentials you came to fulfill and express, the themes you came to explore. No job or career can ever be a complete expression of your soul purposes and for some people, their work in the world is not a dominant focus of their soul purposes.

I was born with the ability to see, sense, feel and activate people’s soul blueprint. I work at the level of soul blueprint in everything I do. It’s the guiding creative inspiration and source material for my art practice. It’s the foundation of my creative mentoring and soul attunement trainings. I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to get to this simple framework, but now that I have, it makes it so much easier to explain what I do.

For sure you will be a happier more fulfilled person if you understand and align with your soul blueprint. A conscious relationship with the three aspects of your soul blueprint is the key.

This includes:

  1. Loving appreciation and celebration of your unique essence

  2. Recognition and validation of your personal operating system

  3. Clarity and guidance about your soul purposes

We can only truly love and value ourselves when we recognize, appreciate and claim our unique essence.

The act of giving ourselves loving appreciation for our uniqueness is a game-changer. When we consciously choose to love and appreciate the qualities and gifts of our uniqueness, it roots us in an unshakeable inner confidence and personal authority.

I have yet to meet someone who grew up with any adult recognition or validation of their personal operating system. Our families and schools push us to function and operate according to the approved methods of our social systems and business practices. Creative people especially have a hard time forcing themselves into that mold. When you understand how your personal operating system works and make it your primary approach to your life, it cuts the friction of daily life way down and smooths your way.

If you’re confused about your purpose or disconnected from your inner guidance, you already know how important clarity and connection are to living a life of meaning. We all need meaning in our lives. We all need to know that our lives matter, that we’re significant. That’s what a sense of purpose gives us. Every life on this planet has purpose and meaning, but if you’re unclear and/or disconnected, you won’t know that or feel it.

Your purpose can never be reduced to some job description, career or mission. It’s much bigger and broader than that. Your true purpose is simple: be and express your uniqueness. Purpose is ultimately about value fulfillment, about fulfilling the soul values and qualities of your unique essence. It’s about developing and sharing your gifts with others.

Sharing my gifts brings me joy. If you want a more a more conscious connected relationship with your soul blueprint, let’s talk!


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