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Why Women Need Sensory Connection And Creative Process To Activate Their Feminine Operating System

I just realized something important this weekend. It explains why I designed my new workshop Desire & Creation Inside The Feminine Operating System the way I did, so it focuses on creative process and body-based energy practices. It explains why I backed away from the path I was on in 2010-2011, when I first started coming out with my discoveries about the Feminine Operating System. At that time, I had started down the road of info-marketing and teaching online courses and programs (along with offering the personal mentoring and training programs that crystallized the term). UGGHH!! I quickly learned that wasn’t the right direction for me and dropped it, but only now do I better understand why.

Women need two things to activate and re-awaken conscious use of their Feminine Operating System: sensory connection and creative process.

The Feminine Operating System can be invisible to us because it’s so organic, natural and intuitive. Since it’s non-linear and non-cognitive by nature, it’s not something we women tend to conceptualize or analyze. We don’t tend to theorize about it or intellectualize it. You can’t use theories to grow a baby inside your womb. There’s no analysis, no methods, no procedures to follow or campaign to mount. Yet something inside you knows how to do it.

So, when the inspiration and inner guidance emerged to share again my discoveries about the Feminine Operating System, I designed my new workshop around practices and processes that stimulate sensory awareness and stir up the creative energy at the core of our feminine essence.

Sensory, body-based knowing is part of the natural mode of the Feminine Operating System. If you don’t feel it, you can’t know it. If you can’t feel it inside yourself, you can’t use it intentionally. You can’t even distinguish between your automated, conditioned way of functioning (your version of a cobbled-together hybrid system you formed to adapt and survive in our culture) and your original, natural mode. The energy practices I’ll be sharing in the workshop are specific to women and they stimulate the sensory, body-based connection we need to identify the Feminine Operating System inside us.

Creative process is another way to activate your awareness of the Feminine Operating System. The creative portal inside every woman is at the center, a door between worlds. The ways and means of the creative process are so basic to the Feminine Operating System that we can use it to find our way back inside. My intention for the workshop is to generate a creative field around us, to guide you through a process to open the mysterious cauldron of creativity within you, so you can feel and know the power and genius of your natural way of operating.

The other thing I realized is I have to be with women in person in order to fully activate and re-awaken their feeling sense and inner knowing. There’s a process of direct transmission, a phenomenon of womb-to-womb resonance, that can only occur in each other’s physical presence.

When I consider all these aspects about our Feminine Operating System – the need for sensory connection, the portal of creative process, and how direct transmission can only occur in person – I can see why the online programs couldn’t achieve the levels of activation and connection I desired. I can see why I was inspired to design this new event in the way I have, so you can find your own direct experience of the natural way you were designed to function for maximum effectiveness, pleasure and joy.

Please join us on Sunday, October 15th for Desire & Creation Inside The Feminine Operating System. We’ll be in the beautiful Great Hall at Mystic Journey Crystal Gallery at 1702 Lincoln Blvd. from 2:30-5:30PM. Please pre-register so I’m sure to have enough of the creative supplies you’ll need. Call Mystic Journey Studio to register: 310.314.2222

Share this event with the women in your circle and pass the empowerment and awakening along. We absolutely need other women to activate and awaken our innate knowing about the ways and means of our original operating system. I’ll share more soon on why that is and how womb-to-womb resonance works.

Sending love and blessings,



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