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Your Ego Is Not The Problem

Together In The Field Of Love

Get over your ego. That’s just your ego. Your ego is in the way. Transcend your ego. Death to the ego. What if the prevalent belief that your ego is a problem, the roadblock to your spiritual growth and enlightenment, is not true? What if all these ideas and judgements about the ego are based on a giant misunderstanding? Think about it.

How could self-realization possibly come through self-negation?

The truth is you can’t function in physical reality without an ego. So what is an ego? Let’s use this definition: the ego is the conscious mind, the part of your total Beingness that is focused in physical reality, the part of your multidimensional self responsible for dealing with physical life, for interpreting and responding to physically perceived data. It’s your personal human identity.

When we disparage our ego, what we’re usually referring to is some construct of personal identity made of conditioned programs, self-negating patterns, trauma, insecurity and defense mechanisms.

But really, your ego is not the problem. The problem is, it’s been forced to operate isolated and alone, disconnected from the larger soul identity, from the unlimited Being we are, from the source of our individual existence. This aspect of ourselves is not meant to function on its own. It’s meant to receive data and information from both inner and outer reality, from the inner self and the outer world. It’s designed to interpret and translate that information and use it to make choices and decisions about action in physical reality.

When our cultural, religious and family belief systems force us to cut off our conscious relationship with our inner self, or soul identity, then is it any wonder our ego becomes fearful and insecure? Is it any wonder if feels alone and isolated, unprotected? When we lose contact with our inborn channel of communication to our soul self, is it any wonder the ego portion of the self develops powerful defense mechanisms to ensure its survival? When the conscious mind’s sense of value and worth lose their internal reference point in the soul’s eternal unlimited value, worth and lovability, is it any wonder the ego becomes saddled with so many rigid, limiting self-negating constructs?

If your sense of self (your worth, value and lovability) are only defined by external experience and other people’s projections, how could your ego not become traumatized and insecure? Especially so, given the prevalence of societal belief systems that tell us we’re basically bad, wrong and shameful in some existential way, not good enough, lovable enough, smart enough, pretty enough, strong enough, whatever enough, or the inverse of not enough- too much, in some way, shape or form?

Your ego is not the problem. Disconnection and closed off communication is the problem.

If limiting patterns and beliefs condemn the intuitive input and information coming from non-physical portions of your Being as irrational, invalid, untrustworthy, dangerous, signs of the devil, insanity or some Mr. Hyde evil id, then you’re navigating life with a serious handicap. It’s like flying blind with your primary engine down.

Fortunately, the ego is able to grow and evolve. It’s designed to change, to be fluid and flexible. It’s meant to process information from both internal and external sources. If your ego identity didn’t have these properties, you would still be living in the same sense of self you had as a 2-year old child.

You can make the choice to allow and receive communication from other portions of your identity. You can open access to all your inner resources. Connection and communication with your inner Being are the path to greater stability, security and personal power. True sovereignty over your life can only be experienced when you become self-referencing, when your personal sense of self is based on the unlimited nature of the soul.

When you live from that kind of connection, from that kind of presence and awareness, you no longer identify with the false insecurities, defenses or self-negations people call their ego. Any system or practice that requires you to kill off or get rid of the ego or personal self is just more self-negation. And you can’t achieve self-realization through self-negation.


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